Sharing Excel files with linked cells on network

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I'm using an imac with leopard version 6. In my Public Folder, I have several Excel workbooks, that have cells linked from workbook to workbook. Any single workbook will open without problem on the host computer, but when it is opened on another computer on the network, Excel cannot find the workbooks to which the opened workbook is linked. If I edit and reset the links from the network computer, it will update the links, but then the workbook will no longer update when it is reopened on the host computer. Is this a path:name problem, an Excel problem, or a network problem?

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Workbook Sharing in Microsoft Excel

First, if you are sharing a workbook, you may want to consider moving to an Access database, which is more suited to sharing.

This information is also contained in the Excel Help files but it was very difficult to find in Excel 2003.

Did you know that multiple users can edit the same workbook at the same time? This is especially useful in a typical office environment, where files are shared over a network. To share your workbook:

1. Open the workbook, go to the Tools menu and choose Share Workbook.
2. On the Editing tab, select Allow changes by more than one user at the same time.
3. On the Advanced tab, select the ?Automatically every ___ ? option, and then click OK.

When you save the workbook, the workbook is now shared with others, and changes to the workbook are updated every 15 minutes by default.
More on the issue here:

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