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    Sharing Files and folders


    by hitesh ·

    i have 20 computers in a network with windows xp professional and al other 15 are all on win98 the whole network is on workgroup. ive got files and folders on the windows xp pro that i want to share with other windows xp pro machines but i dont want any other windows 98 pcs to look or even change the files as they are very confidential. is there a way i can share the folder and then have user rights on the folder. Kindly let me know as the soonest

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      Reply To: Sharing Files and folders

      by carlos.nino ·

      In reply to Sharing Files and folders

      You can create a group that includes all allawed users (XP users) and share the directories giving that group the permissions you want.

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      Reply To: Sharing Files and folders

      by chrisdent ·

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      Since you said workgroup its not quite as simple as stated above.

      Each PC looks after its own user accounts and security.

      If you do things in the following order you should be able to set up the user rights.

      1. Go to Control Pannel, Administrative Tools and Computer Manager. Open the Local Users Section. Add a User – you can either do 1 user for everyone, or multiple users with multiple different password.

      If you do one user, give it a password and leave in there for now.

      If you do Multiple users I suggest you also create a Local Group and stick all the users into it.

      2. Share the Folder – Under the Permissions section remove anything like Everyone and set either the user or the group you created above to have Full Control over this folder.

      3. Depending on where you place the folder you may have to reset the permissions on the file structure as well (Share Permissions and File Permissions aren’t the same thing).

      Hope that helps.

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        Reply To: Sharing Files and folders

        by hitesh ·

        In reply to Reply To: Sharing Files and folders

        i got what you are trying to say but, the big problem is that i cannot seee the see anything such as the permissions on the xp pc it just shows me share the folder and allow users to edit files and delete files. so there is no place to have permisions on the folder properties.The answer you gave me can be posible on a domain structure but not on the workgroup. how do i go about this one.

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