Sharing Files from Local Account to Domain

By qascomputer ·
This is a really dumb question, and I don't even really know how to word it, let alone google it.

I have a client who has just migrated to a domain from a p2p workgroup. He has decided instead of using domain accounts to leave the local accounts for some of his users

Here is the question: When the users try to access the server from "My Network Places" some users are given the option to input a domain username and password. Others are simply denied and told that "they may not have access!". How would I make it so the file triggers a prompt for username and password instead of just denying access?

The server is a Server 2008 SBS, most of the user computers are XP's.


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Elevate privilege...

by CG IT In reply to Sharing Files from Local ...

meaning how do you elevate local machine accounts to have domain access?

Google it, there will be plenty of pages on how to hack a domain using local machine accounts.

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by qascomputer In reply to Elevate privilege...

I am wondering why some machines prompt for password and domain username while others simply deny access when the permissions are the same.

I do not want to elevate permissions I want to grant access to the folder through the user's domain account.

The computers are already members of the domain, the users simply use local accounts on the machine for certain tasks.

While performing tasks with their local accounts i want to grant them access to the files necessary by entering a username and password from their domain account. This happens on some machines, but for some reason not all.

I am wondering if it has something to do with "simple file sharing".

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Make a shortcut to the share?

by MelissaAZ In reply to Sharing Files from Local ...

Instead of accessing the server from My Network Places, perhaps make a shortcut directly to \\server\share and see what happens.

Also, if you change the share name to \\server\share$, I think it will always prompt for credentials.

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