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    Sharing harddrive.


    by dipokm ·

    I am runing a network in a caf? with some PCs runing WinMe 1st edition as a requirement of the timing software we are using. I partitioned all to a ratio of 30:70%, the problem I am having is sharing the harddrive one of the computers, I can’t even see the properties of both partitions because they disappear as soon as they appear, I can’t also go in to MSDOS because it is also disappearing.

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      by danwest58 ·

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      ok #1 Check the bios and see if it sees the hard drive there if it does. #2 get partition magic and try to check the drive(s) for errors or go and use Fdisk and repartition the hard drive(s). then format it. Then run a Scandisk /surface on it to check for errors. also go to the website of the maker of the hard driver like western digital and download the software they have for the hard drives. Now what it really sounds to me is that its a bad hard drive if that is true fdisking it formating it scandisk and the software from the maker will tell you. If its bad you need a new hard drive

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