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Sharing Internet Using Broadband

By jtpaderes ·
Lately, I use DSL Internet connection and i have no trouble in sharing its connection because this was connected and installed directly into the LAN card. Few days from now, I change from DSL to Broadband Internet Connection and I have trouble in sharing its connection because it is connected directly into a USB Port rather than into the LAN card.

Now, is there anybody here who can help me in my problem? Do I still have to use two (2) LAN card in sharing? I don't want to use a Router.

By the way, I installed WinXP OS in my system.

Thanks a lot in advance guys.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Sharing Internet Using Br ...

Yes you do need 2 network cards.

Information for the setup can be found here:

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by rindi1 In reply to Sharing Internet Using Br ...

It depends on the USB Port Driver you are using. Most network-like drivers also emulate themselves as network drivers and you should be able to find them in your network.

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by Dogcatcher In reply to Sharing Internet Using Br ...

Forget USB. Use ethernet from the cable modem to your PC. If your PC has a built-in ethernet jack, use it. Otherwise, buy a decent LAN card.

If you want to share the broadband connection, using Internet Connection Sharing, you'll need another LAN card for the private side of the network. Be sure to enable or install a firewall.

If you have only two devices to connect, that will do the trick. For three or more devices, you'll want to get at least a hub as the interconnect point.

I'd recommend getting a router+hub and connecting it to the cable modem. That will give you your firewall and easy connections for multiple devices. Make it a wireless-router-hub and you've got enormous flexibility.

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by hosseins In reply to Sharing Internet Using Br ...

You should have a Rj45 port on the cable modem so you can use a network cable. I find it easier to get a router with a firewall and run the cable modem to the router then to you pc's. Yes you will need two LAN cards for this procedure. It's easier to diagnose and more relibale and secure with the firewall.

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by AT Computers In reply to Sharing Internet Using Br ...

The Best Way To Share A Network Or Internet Connection Is To Setup Your Computers The Same Way My Network Is: I Have (4) Computers, All (4) Computers Are Connected To A 4-Port Firewalled Belkin Router. Each Computer Has A 10/100 Onboard NIC Card Installed. Each Computer Is Connected To The Router With Belkin Fast CAT5e Networking Cables (RJ45 Male/Male). The Router Is Connected To My Motorola Cable Modem With A Belkin Fast CAT5e Network Cable (RJ45 Male/Male) And The Motorola Cable Modem Is Connected To The Calble Companies Pole With Belkin RG6 CATV Cable. All Computers On My Network Are Pentium 4 Computers With Windows XP Professional SP1. I've Had No Problems With The Network, All Computers Operate Very Well, Internet And Network Connections Are Smooth And Fast. I'm Currently Hi-Speed Cable Broadband T3 Connection. Setting Up Your Network This Way Is The Easiest And Inexpensive Way Of Operating A Network. Thank You! And I Hope This Will Help With Your Decision.

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