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Sharing My Documents between Users

By sgandenberger ·
Our corporate CEO travels to ours sister comapnies frequently and needs to access their networks. To do so, he has a user set up un his Windows XP Professional Laptop for each domain he visits. His frustration is that each user has a unique profile and that causes his documents to be spread across multiple My Documents directories and making one profiles data unavailable to others. He would like to keep all the data is a single directory tree will all the users from the different domains having access. Does anyone know if and how this can be achieved?

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by DKlippert In reply to Sharing My Documents betw ...

Create a directory called "CEO". In Word go to Tools>Options on the File Location tab change the first entry to "C:\CEO". All files will now be saved to that directory rather than "My Documents"

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by sharon In reply to Sharing My Documents betw ...

You login to each of his profile, and redirect his My Documents folder to a folder that you create somewhere on his laptop.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Sharing My Documents betw ...

If you want to permanently assign a speciic folder, you must edit the registry. Create the folder you want, open the registry and go to this line:

HKEY_USERS\.Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\ CurrentVersion\Explorer\User Shell Folders

This link has a good explanation at the bottom of the page:

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by RCOM In reply to Sharing My Documents betw ...

First all the profiles on all the domains have to have access to the same shared folder where the "My Documents" or whatever other folder is needed. After setting that up just right click on the "My Documents" icon and and change the path to the folder needed. One problem is he probably has a full profile for each of the logins he uses which is probably using large amounts of space.
These will be located in the "Documents and Settings" folder.

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by DRDON In reply to Sharing My Documents betw ...

First I would make sure folder redirection is not set for his account. Then, I would create sub directories in the "Documents and Setting\All Users\My Documents" and make sure he saved there. Then, no matter which account he used, he would be able to access any of the information. This would allow him to keep all the data in a simple single structure.

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Few solutions here:
1) Set up a shared documents folder. Root:\Doc & Settings\AllUsers\Shared Docs Right click on the folder and enable file sharing. All he needs to do is create a shortcut of the folder into each of user's my-doc folder and the desktop if he wants to. All he has to do is to save in shared docs and retrieve.

2) Using the registry ie. dangerous backup registry. For each user modify Personal key found: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders to a common folder.

3) Right click each user in Docs & Setting and set the security to allow each user to view each others folder.

Good Luck,

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