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Sharing of Exchange Contacts folder

By markguer ·
I'm using Outlook 2000 and have run into something which is bewildering me. I'm trying to share a contact folder from user to another. I can successfully share the folder, but there is a rub.
A=person who shared folder, B=person who is looking at shared folder.

B opens A's folder via other persons folder. No contacts are listed (there should be 100's) B can add a contact to the empty folder she sees, but it dissappears from view very quickly. A can view all changes made by B in almost real time. A has given B publishing editor (all is checked not own)

Any help would be appreciated.

Mark G.

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Sharing of Exchange Contacts folder

by gmills In reply to Sharing of Exchange Conta ...

You did not say what mail system you are using, but it sounds like you are using Exchange Server and A has their profile set to deliver mail to a PST instead of leaving it in the mailbox. You have shared the mailbox Contacts folder which has no entries in it since all entries go to A's PST folder. B can look at A's contacts folder in A's mailbox, but nothing is there since it is all delivered to A's PST file. When B adds an entry to the Mailbox Contacts folder, it is immediately sent to A's personal (PST) folder.

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Sharing of Exchange Contacts folder

by markguer In reply to Sharing of Exchange Conta ...

Wish it was that easy. Exchange doesn't allow the sharing of .pst file folders. I thought this at first also.

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