sharing one printer with two PC's.

By dawondr ·
I have a home PC running XP and a company laptop also running XP. The laptop, I VPN into my corp network so it is actually on a different IP range then my other home PC (if that even matters). How can I connect the two PC's to my printer. All three via USB jack(s).

Thanks in advance

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The easiest

by GirlGeek12 In reply to sharing one printer with ...

way is to by an inexpensive print server that attaches to the parallel port or usb port on the actual printer. For under $100 you can purchase a wireless version of it. This way, you do not need to fiddle with printer sharing which doesn't always cooperate the way it should. If you have a wireless network this makes it easy because the printer does not have to be hardwired to any of the computers.

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with 1 exception

by w2ktechman In reply to The easiest

The system on the VPN will need a hardwired connection.
But I was going to suggest a print server as well.

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just to clarify

by dawondr In reply to with 1 exception

so the printer server is what I need but the laptop with the VPN will need to be hardwired and not wireless? The laptop (with the VPN) is has wireless and the home desktop does not. Not that is the end of the world but I just wanted to make sure

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Alternate solution

by TheChas In reply to just to clarify

I'm not so sure that a print server will work for your specific situation.

Assuming all 3 devices are normally within 6 feet of each other, you can use a USB switch.

A USB switch allows you to connect multiple computers to a single USB device.

It is the simplest way to share USB devices using USB cables.


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