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By ansarisajid ·
i am having different domains and workgorup.
one of workgroup having win 2k, nt4 and win98, with all have same username and password.
i shard a folder on win2k and trying to access it form one win98 but i am asked for password (share name is \\username\IPC$ and asked for password) but not able to access the folder. i am able to access the forlder with other win98 system, having problem with only one
what is the proble
how to solve it

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Sharing prblem

my guess is you have a trailing space in the domain name on the win98 sounds like the non working 98 box is not actually logging in...when this happens to me, i change it to a 'pretend' workgroup, then change it back to the domain, to force it to rejoin, see?. also check to if 'login to nt domain' is checked...

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by Ricky In reply to Sharing prblem

Username/Password problems are really easy to solve on Win98 Systems. You're in luck.

1. Make sure you have the Win98 user and password as a valid user/passowrd on the 2k system you're trying to access.

2. On the Win98 System do a search [F3] and fin all the *.pwl files. these contaiung cached copies of username/password combinations. Now delete them all. Yes, Delete them all! Don't worry - nothing will happen - is just that when you choose to "remember username/password" combinations, Win98 makes these files. once deleted, Win98 will prompt for username/passowrd combinations again and you can supply the correct username/password combination.
Retsrat your system - try to connect to the Win 2k System and give the cordect username/password when asked for it. That's it.

I agree with the other answer - it's probably an incorrect username/password - stored somewhere in the Win98 pwl files... :-(

HTH ;-)

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