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    Sharing printer in windows XP has problems


    by lee.seitelman ·

    I have a laser printer conencted through USB to my desktop running windows XP home. The printer is shared. On my laptop also running windows XP home I am able to install and see the printer and I can print to it. However nothing prints. When I check on my desktop I can see the printer and the print jobs queued up, but I cna’t get them to print. I have tried turning the printer on and off, changing the priority on teh print jobs, pausing and restarting printing. Nothing.

    Then I restart windoes on the desktop, and as soon as windows starts, the printer start up and prints all my queued up jobs.

    I have repeated this many times (too many times), include printing from other laptops and always get the same results.

    Any ideas??

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      by lee.seitelman ·

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      Reinstall Printer

      by jc2it ·

      In reply to Sharing printer in windows XP has problems

      Disconnect the printer from the desktop.

      Uninstall it from the laptop and desktop.

      Reinstall it to the desktop, and make sure you use the latest driver from the printer manufacturer’s web site for XP. This will remove any corrupt driver files. If you have the latest driver reload the files anyway when it asks if you want to keep the old ones.

      Share it.

      Reinstall it to the laptop.

      Test print on both machines.

      Do virus scans on both machines.

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      Permissions dude

      by lfscis ·

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      I had this prob many winters ago – are you logged in as Administrator?

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