Sharing USB 3G or EVDO internet connection

By kit ·
Using only the equipment I already own and without purchasing an EVDO router, I am trying to share my internet connection wirelessly with a Mac Mini (built in Airport/ WiFi) and notebook computer (built in WiFi). My Novatel U727 USB modem (Sprint) is used as a full-time internet solution at home. The USB modem replaced my satellite internet which WAS routed through my Linksys Wireless G Broadband router (WRT54GS) and then connected through the LAN to my desktop PC. My notebook and Mac Mini could then connect wirelessly through the WiFi. Now that the internet connection is plugged directly into my desktop PC through the USB and no longer through the Linksys router I am trying to figure out how to share the internet connection with the Mac Mini and notebook computer. However, I don't know how to setup a wireless peer to peer or gateway/bridge from the PC desktop using the Linksys router which can also function as a LAN and Access Point. Since my desktop PC is my primary computer I prefer to have the U727 plugged directly into this machine but am open to using the Mac Mini's Airport and internet sharing capabilities if there is a better solution there. I am new to Mac and know much less about them than PC's. My PC is running XP Pro. Any help is much appreciated and my apologies if this is in any way a repeated post. In my initial search of the forum I could not find a solution to this scenario.

Thank you in advance for your reply,

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This is what I did.

by nemesis_pyros In reply to Sharing USB 3G or EVDO in ...

I am in a similar situation to you. I do not have the cash to get a 3g router and I really do not like my pc sitting out on the internet with a software firewall. So i had to come up with someway to share internet. What i ultimately did was use and old ibook g4 to do internet connection sharing from the 3g card to the Ethernet port. I then ran the Ethernet into the wan port of my router. It works pretty good except the ping times and lag are horrible (300ms) I am currently trying to get a smoothwall box to recognize the 3g stick. But my unix knowledge is limited and there does not seem to be anyone else doing this. Ultimately I want my internet running through a hardware firewall which my current setup accomplishes, but even when I turn the firewall off on the ibook I still run into issues with blocked ports. I know this means you need a spare mac sitting around but if you are comfortable running your mac out on the internet you could use your mini to do the same thing.

One last note, I tried using a spare (read free) windows pc to do the same thing as the ibook. It worked great for a day or so then became infected with all sorts of viruses. another ideal solution would be software that simply bridges the 3g connection and the ethernet connection on the pc without that pc having any internet access. (essentially what I am trying to do with the smoothwall). I think the real problem is there are not enough ppl using a 3g connection for there home internet. Most of these sticks are sold to ppl that want internet mobility. For me it was the only "highspeed" option in my location. Maybe as time goes on smoothwall will build in support for this type of thing. Or the routers will come down in price. Until then I will run this goofy setup.

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Actual Setup

by greg.bougher In reply to This is what I did.

I have a machine with Windows XP, one with Vista Home, and another with Windows 7, but I have tried doing the sharing on the XP and Vista and I can't get it to work. I can share it and the router will pick up the connection (Net Gear - Range Max), but once I connect to the router windows disconnects the card.

What operating system were you using on the PC and where did you find the setup info for it?

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