Shell Hardward Detect Slows Windows Explorer

By Bill in Dallas ·
Using WinXP Pro SP3 in SBS 2003 domain environment, one user experiences very slow performance when opening folders (both local and network). Using MSCONFIG, I narrowed down the offending service to Shell Hardware Detect. When it is disabled, folders open quickly, when it is enabled, folders take up to 3 minutes to open. I also noticed that in Services, Shell Hardware Detect is Disabled instead of the expected Automatic and Started, but I am assuming that this is due to being disabled in MSCONFIG.

What are the reprocussions of leaving this service Disabled? If this must be set to Automatic and Started, what other steps can I do to fix this issue?

The system uses Symantec AV Corp 10.1 and I also did a scan using MalwareBytes. Malwarebytes only found one problem using the Quick Scan and I fixed that issue (sorry, I do not remember what it was). Planning to do a Full Scan tonight. HiJackThis did not show anything obvious to me either but I am not an expert.



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Google and Wiki are your best friends

by Slayer_ In reply to Shell Hardward Detect Slo ...

According to Wiki for WinXP

Default Description

Provides notifications for AutoPlay hardware events.
Additional Information

Used for the auto play of devices like memory cards, CD drives, etc. Also, set to Automatic if you are experiencing problems with laptop docking stations. In "My Computer," you may not see your hardware (example: DVD drive) displayed as a "DVD Drive" if this service is disabled. However, all functionality still exists. In addition, when checking the properties of an "auto play" device, such as a DVD drive, you will not have an auto play tab displayed or available. This service also allows the option of selecting what action you wish to take with a particular "type" of file. If you enjoy the auto play function of CD's and DVD's after inserting them into your drive, leave this service on Automatic.

<a href="">Source</a>

By the sounds of this, it is safe to turn off in a work environment.

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Shell Hardward Detect Slows Windows Explorer

by PuterGuy07 In reply to Shell Hardward Detect Slo ...

Some random thoughts and things to try...

First, would turn off all anti-virus and anti-malware and try the operation(s) that caused the slow down again. Nortons has had issues in the past with bringing systems to a crawl with certain system level functions.

Second, I turn off disk indexing on all of my XP workstations. I find it unnecessary, and I also find it causes a lot of system slow downs because of excessive disk activity.

Third, check your folder settings in Folder Options. Turn off anything that calculates folder sizes, display cute thumbnails, makes coffee, shines your shoes, etc...

Fourth, run windows in "classic" mode for the display and menus.

Fifth, right click on "my computer" and choose "properties", go to the Advanced tab, choose Settings - Visual Effects and choose Adjust for best performance.

Sixth, clean all of the temp files using CCleaner or another program and then defrag your drive.

Hopefully one of these will fix your issue. If not, your system will still run faster than it has in a long time. Either way, you've won.

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