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Shhh! Don't say Anything

By AV . ·
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Is this America that I'm living in or am Iiving a lie? Can I be targeted for my beliefs now by the IRS? Sounds like a Communist country or even worse. Is most of the news I see on TV leaving most of the news out on purpose? I'm uninformed. I'm a dupe. I'm fed up. I'm pissed off. WTF is going on with our government? What about our free press? Its not free anymore. No one will risk it now for fear of persecution. Our government knew Benghazi was a terrorist attack, but told Americans it was a protest because of a movie. Really?

I thought the Obama administration was supposed to be the most transparent, ever.

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by john.a.wills In reply to Shhh! Don't say Anything

transparently corrupt, perhaps. In some ways the world is getting worse (not necessarily in a communist way) and Obama, having nothing like natural-law morals - or, more likely, being immoral - is leading the charge. But each of us must consider how we may be contributing to the malaise. "Reformeer de kerk, begin met jezelf" is a saying I heard in the 1960s - need I translate?

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I don't get it

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to transparent?

When a a Republican government is in power, the president is quickly excused by republicans as everyone knows he doesn't REALLY have full control of what the government does.

When a democratic government is in place, anything and everything the government does is 100% attributed to the democratic president in power.

Why do democratic presidents actually have more say in how the country is run that republican presidents doi?

Then again, I guess it makes total sense. The left and the right must oppose, whether they make sense or not. Otherwise you'd actually have UNITED states in America instead of the DIVIDED states of America.

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No need to translate

by AV . In reply to Shhh! Don't say Anything

Transparently corrupt is a good way to describe it. The problem is that a lot of people don't seem to care what is going on with our government. I just don't get that. Up until recently, most mainstream media outlets never reported anything negative about the Obama administration until they absolutely had to. The opposite would be true if we were talking about the GWB administration.


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I gave up on our government a long time ago

by jck In reply to Shhh! Don't say Anything

They're all corrupt. Get over it.

Bush Jr. and his boys at the Pentagon sent $Bs in no-bid work to Halliburton, in whom his Vice President still owned 10,000s of shares in. That not corrupt?

Clinton pardoned personal friends and "friends of friends" who'd committed blantant acts of fraud and broke various federal regulations. That not corrupt?

It's nothing new. America is the land of the buy what you want if you have enough to bribe someone....and the home of the brave...enough to use loopholes and skirt the law to get what they want.

Want to change America? Get rid of open-market capitalism. Put controls on markets. Don't let commodities such as oil, natural gas, et al, that are required for the operation of our nation be used as chips in a speculative game of financial poker by the financial elite on Wall Street while normal Americans suffer increased out of pocket expenses.

Until you stop letting business pull strings and have back-office meetings in private with leaders, stop letting things like PACs and SIGs have the majority of ear time with elected officials, and stop letting corporations and other organizations use other peoples' money to drive the politics of this will remain just the same.

The same broken, corrupt, dysfunctional country where those who figure out the best way to get over on another person are who succeed.

Love thy neighbor, kids...not backstab them.

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Words of wisdom

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I gave up on our governme ...

Not words of a republican or democrat but a view from above, or outside.

Very astute!

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Truth of it is...

by jck In reply to Words of wisdom

I've been a registered Republican since I was 19 when I registered to vote.

Thing is though, I don't let *any* political alignment, organization, or other influence tell me what to think.

Do I think Obama is great? Not really. He hasn't stood up to people in his own party. And, he's pretty much not dealing with Congress as much as he should.

Of course, neither did Bush.

Clinton at least told guys like Tom Foley and Dan Rostenkowski what to do to balance a budget...including to eat some crow and give up pet projects to get it done.

But, America has this foolish, naive concept that you can still work your butt off and get somewhere no matter what the odds. Well,'s a pipe dream. Face facts. America has changed since the middle of the 20th century.

Your neighbor won't talk to you about something they are concerned about now. They just sue you to get it changed, or they call code enforcement or some other agency.

It's all about "me" now, and not "we". That's our biggest failure.

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Well said

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Truth of it is...

Man, it's like listening to the gospel today! I have always stood firm that politicians, no matter what side, have an alternate agenda. They will say what they need to get into office and do what they really want after that, IF they are allowed to do anything.

As for the neighbours, it had to be about 10 years ago now that I said it would happen, well it was happening then but went unnoticed/ignored.

As I've always said, super powers never remain super powers. England, China, Russia etc. they were and then they weren't.
It has NOTHING to do at all with freedom, liberty or the constitution. You can have all the pride you want bu tit doesn't help.

Because of centuries of history, a country like England is now so class separated that if you were born poor, you will most likely die poor, If you are born into money, you will die with money. That class separation is still fairly new in North America because Canada and the USA are so young still. The American dream (lets call it a North American dream because it was the same in Canada too)is not longer a reality for most. It is rare now that the average Joe gets to make his millions with a cottage business turned corporation. Of course it does happen, it does in Europe too, but you can't EXPECT it to happen.

Class separation is here, we need to realize that it is now, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, which is where capitalism fails the general population.

being very business centric myself, I believe strongly in the foundations of capitalism, however it has got to the point now where companies simply do whatever they want and play the freedom and capitalism card as needed, it's like a safety net for sketchy business practices.

Problem is, they run the government too as the US election is entirely based on funding and who puts on the best dog and pony show.

I'd actually hate to see where the world is in 50-60 years, just the last 30 have been an eye opener. A country I once adored (USA) is now just another in a mess of mixed up nations getting nowhere due to its political stranglehold, where people are no longer people, they are voters and beyond that simply a nuisance to be addressed when the noise gets to be too much.

Sad but inevitable. Yet I am sure there are still many millions of Americans who still don't see it. Maybe some real news would be a reality check, but denial always exists.

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Every president has done questionable things

by AV . In reply to I gave up on our governme ...

But, in the case of the IRS and the AP records grab, there is a question of the legality of their acts.

Sure Bush awarded Halliburton contracts in Iraq to the company that Cheney was previously associated with, but that in itself was not illegal. Neither was Clinton's pardon of personal friends. Both things are questionable ethically, but they pale in comparison to what is happening now. The AP record dragnet and IRS targeting is an assault on our constitutional rights.

Benghazi looks like a cover up because the administration out and out lied to Americans while knowing the truth that it was a terrorist attack and not because of a movie. It was done for political benefit to Obama because it was prior to the election.

I don't know what we can do about the PACs and SIGs, but we can't allow our constitutional rights to be violated by the Obama administration or tolerate a President that lies for political expediency.


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How blind can you be?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to Every president has done ...

the same deceit and lies came from the Bush Administration even after knowing better, in fact Bush's ignoring of intel resulted in thousands of US soldiers deaths, who are also mothers and fathers.

Bush KNEW there were no WMD, his inspectors reported that they were finally allowed to inspect the facilities that they were supposed to and found nothing. Therefore no need for further action, according to the Bush administration's previous threats of taking action were concerned.

Some intel showed truck movement that COULD be movement of WMD's but was highly doubted, even by insiders on the ground, Bush's administration ignored that. The intel later fed to them by an 'informant' known as curveball was also questionable and later found false but it was enough for the Bush administration, Bush said if inspectors were not permitted to finish inspections he would use force 'to ensure inspections were completed' he actually pulled them himself when they said nothing was found when inspections were well underway, he then sent American mothers and fathers to war over what was known to be false intelligence and against the terms he had set forth, regarding failed inspections.

Yet you complain about Obama breaching your Constitutional Rights?
The same thing happened in 1998, during Bush's term but nothign was done then either.

However, I am confident that, with your unrealistic political bias, all that is attributed to Obama's government too.

The fact that Americans are so blindly one sided is actually hilarious when looking in from the outside. It's as if they actually believe that one administration is more honest than the other, simply because they support their policies, like their dad did or his dad etc.

The divided states of America, and you wonder why the world laughs at you? No, it's not because people are jealous, in fact SO FAR FROM IT, it's because the general populace is so ignorant and blind that its laughable to onlookers.

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No it isn't quite the same

by AV . In reply to How blind can you be?

Bush and the WMD's is not the same as the IRS targeting individuals because their religious beliefs or political viewpoints oppose Obama's agenda.

I don't know what you're talking about in 1998. Bush wasn't in power then.

FYI, I didn't like Bush either, and we've had many exchanges about that in the past. So, you can't say I'm one-sided.


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