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    Shipping woes…


    by blazemaster64 ·

    It seems I always am having bad luck with items being shipped to me. I was wondering if any of you had any idea what I should do about this?

    Okay so on the 5th of this month, I ordered all the parts to build my new rig. The GPU, mobo, PSU and RAM were sent out in a box together. In another box, my case was sent out. In a third box my CPU, and in a fourth box my hard drive.

    Now I received the tracking info for the first two packages (my case and gpu/mobo etc) right away. It was the next day that I received the tracking info for the other two packages.. Which apparently were being shipping from California (the other two packages were being shipped from New Jersey).

    So I figured no big deal. According to the email newegg sent me the HDD and CPU were being sent out from Cali. But when I went to check on the tracking info for the HDD, it said that the payment was received in New Jersey…. okay…. thats odd. Now the processor said it was in Cali just like new egg told me, but new egg told me the HDD was in Cali too, which according to UPS it wasn’t..

    This is where things start to get weird. As the days go by, the activity info of arrivals/departing from places for the case and gpu/mobo/etc is constantly being updated and I can tell it’s on its way to me. Meanwhile, the only thing on the hard drive’s activity list is that the “payment was received” and an “unload scan” in New Jersey.. And nothing else. It was shipped on the 6th, wouldn’t it have some of the same info as the other two packages? The case, hard drive, and gpu/etc have the same estimated arrival date (today, the 8th), while the processor has an estimated date of the 9th. (3 day shipping guaranteed, my ass, since I ordered on the 5th!)

    The CPU on the other hand has a little more activity; the payment was received, and it had a “departure scan” and then an “arrival scan” at a place literally two blocks from where it “departed”. It’s been sitting there ever since.

    Now I received the case and gpu/etc today. Still no sign of the hard drive, and I don’t know WTF is up with the processor. I’ve contacted New Egg’s customer support 3 times, and they just keep saying the same thing over; The items are in transit and on schedule. If they were on schedule then wouldn’t: A)The tracking info be updated, at least a LITTLE since two days ago? and B)I would have received my hard drive today, as per the estimated arrival date.. But I didn’t.

    I tried contacting UPS, but they won’t respond. WTF is happening with my stuff!

    (Oh and the reason I’m so impatient is because I literally need some of the stuff I ordered for a job, plus I’m going away for a week on Saturday and will need the stuff right when I get back, so if it’s not on it’s way… I could be fired.)

    Anyone have any ideas whats up, suggestions, or just want to say anything to calm my paranoia?

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      You’ve contacted your credit card company, right?

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Shipping woes…

      Put a stop payment on the processor and HD and reorder them from someone else.

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        Thanks for the reply,

        by blazemaster64 ·

        In reply to You’ve contacted your credit card company, right?

        But according to the site I bought from (, which is known for “great shipping”) has already shipped it. It is UPS which is at the fault here. The package isn’t at NewEgg’s or my place, it’s just bumbling around with a bunch of idiot UPS workers.. There isn’t much I can do. UPS won’t respond to my pleas for help at all.
        This is the last time I ever ship via UPS.

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