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    Shiva LanRover configuration problems


    by flashtube105 ·

    We have a windows 2000 network and have an Intel Shiva LanRover E/Plus, serial number starting with “PE”. I have all configuration infromation in a folder on the “C” drive of my admin laptop. The lights on the Shiva are roatating yellow which means it is in download mode. I connected a crossover cable from my laptop to the Shiva. Disconnecting both from the network so the Shiva will get config info from the laptop in a program called Shiva Net Manager, but when I click on EDIT, BEGIN IP AUTO DOWNLOAD, I get an error, “Unable to locate SBOOTP.INI”. The bootp.ini file is in the same directory as the Shiva program file. I even added a variable in System advanced properties, “Path=C:\Shiva”. Does someone know how to get this ancient device operational? Thank you.

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      by jschein ·

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      I have a few shiva boxes that we still use…

      Once the firmware dies or something dies in it, it is alot of fun to reset one of the pups.

      Definitely on the right path with a laptop and crossover cable.

      Recommend using Shiva Net Manager and Shive Configurator.

      Best way to find the shiva is through the mac address. Hopefully you backed up your user lists and security files. Then you would have to re-install those. Not much to it really. If you are having deep issues with the device, ensure you are running the latest firmware.

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      by flashtube105 ·

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