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    Short circuit and high voltage

    by rachelanne289 ·

    Hello there, I am new to Arduino and electronics in general, so I hope you can bear me :confused: :).
    So, what happens if I sent a high voltage from an I/O pin directly to the ground pin? Could this damage the board even at 40mA? I understand the output of that pin is from the microprocessor … but who is in danger here? the microprocessor, the busses, or what? I read processor basics ONwww(dot)kynix(dot)com/Blog/Microprocessor-Tutorial-Basics-and-Its-Applications-with-Examples.html but I am still confused.

    Also, why the short circuit is dangerous? Is it because the current is too high and it should be consumed a bit, then travel back to the ground or I get the whole idea wrong.

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      Re: short circuit

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Short circuit and high voltage

      Processor basics are about how it works, not on what can happen if you use it the wrong way.

      Like a site about jigsawing doesn’t tell you what happens if you saw your finger off and why you shouldn’t do that.

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      Reply To: Short circuit and high voltage

      by biceyi3309 ·

      In reply to Short circuit and high voltage

      There are a few things that can cause short circuits and high voltages in Arduino. One common cause is when a wire or connector comes loose and makes contact with another wire or component. This can create a short circuit, which can cause a lot of damage to the Arduino board.

      Another common cause of short circuits and high voltages is when there is a problem with the power supply.

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