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By hhjaxfl ·
I have been using Tweakui for many years without any problems,I have 2 computers with the same exact software,This week I upgraded both computers to 1 gig, one being a celeon and the other being a pentiun III. I did a windows update and installed Explorer 6 after that the light arrow became black with white short cut image(default).The one with the pentiom III has the light arrow short cut the celeron has the black arrow.I checked the Q @ A and went into the registry, I have the registry key of 29 with the tweakui,2 for the light arrow.I went into safe mode and deleted the shelliconcache file to no avail.
I also went into display properties and looked into changing the icon size but couldn't find a place to change this.
Any help will be appreciated

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by TheChas In reply to Short cut arrow

I don't have a fix for the arrow yet. But I have identified the cause of the problem.

The security update posted March 7th for an Unchecked buffer vulnerability in the Windows shell, changes the file(s) that deal with the desktop. For some reason, the update disables the ability of TweakUI, and other tweaking programs to change the arrow for shortcuts.

Unfortunately, there is no install for the patch. Your only option would be to;
a. restore the individual files from the Windows CD.(I believe the file is opuc.dll in the Windows\System folder)
b. re-install windows, and don't install the March 7th update.

I recommend using Microsofts e-mail support, and complaining about the problem. If enough people complain, they just might look into the problem, and correct it.


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by hhjaxfl In reply to Short cut arrow

Thanks I was wondering which update it was, I formatted and installed for 2 days and figured out it was the critical update package I just didn't know which file, I finially updated to IE6 and stopped there.I built and installed the first computer on or before the 7th and that is why I didn't have the same arrow trouble.I went and looked what updates it needed and there was a new file but i didn't take a chance, good thing.
I have another question to post about the auto logon.
Thanks Again

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by fenaikh In reply to Short cut arrow

pls read MS article

Desktop Icons Do Not Display Correctly in Windows;en-us;Q19**52

To change the size of desktop Icons just open your registry and find the key.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]

Create a new value and named it 'Shell Icon Size' Data Type REG_SZ (String Value) then set the value to equal the size of your icons in pixels. Smaller values means smaller icons.The value data size is in Pixels and the default is 32.


Key: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics]
(Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
Shell Icon Size REG_SZ "16"

good luck


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by hhjaxfl In reply to Short cut arrow

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