Short-range wireless solution?

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I have a client that's moving their second office within 200M of their main office. They're current office is in the next building to even another office, with fiber between them. The fiber's only 20M, if that, but cost a mint and they're not willing to pay for more fiber.

I used to work for a wireless Ethernet carrier and I'm thinking that a point-to-point wireless solution would be the cheapest. I've called some providers that would sell us gear to get set up, but that blows into the 1000's and I think it's extreme overkill for 200M.

Can someone recommend some wireless devices that would be up to the task? At this point I'm unsure of the line-of-sight, but I imagine we'll be able to establish something, so perhaps the devices should be somewhat weather proof? We don't want anything that's going to broadcast the network, like a DLink repeater/etc, but something that's going to be encrypted and strictly point-to-point with the other end's device.

Any suggestions or advice would be great. Thanks in advance!

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Well assuming that you need weather proof

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Short-range wireless solu ...

That just means external/remote Aeriel's for the devices.

The trouble with Point to Point is that it's expensive very expensive. Even with Domestic Class Equipment unless you could have a clear Line of Sight it would be extremely difficult and I honestly think that Fiber between the 2 offices would be cheaper. Though you could maybe get away with a CAT6 Cable if it's just 200 Meters for the cable run and not the actual distance between the 2 buildings.

However I think you'll find that even if you can use CAT6 Cable that there will be large expenses involved to run the cable in existing Cable Runs let alone having to make a new one.


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by Jkirk3279 In reply to Short-range wireless solu ...

It's possible to set up a DIY point to point system with a pair of parabolic dishes, over much greater distances than 200M.

Your existing fiber only gets you 20mbps?

Seriously, I'd expect more...

You could set up a pair of Macs to handle the dish overhead and keep the risk of intrusion very low.

Just set each Mac's access point to only talk to the other one, with encryption turned on and SSID turned off.

Given the tight parabolic beam and short range, the attack surface would only be a meter across anyway, and it would be five meters up in the air, making tapping it difficult and kind of obvious.

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