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    Shortage shouters set their sights on women


    by jkameleon ·

    Groundbreaking Report Details How U.S. Businesses Are Falling behind in Global Race for IT Talent by Failing to Build Diverse Workforce

    Groundbreaking!? Wow! I’ve always thought that U.S. are falling behind because people there must take the student loan, while in udeveloped countries the tuition is paid by taxpayers.

    Well, OK then, let’s see that groundbreaking research. Click here

    and you’ll be greeted with a Flash presentation. Let’s take a look at it.

    #1: Maybe there’s a bigger problem than we thought

    Nope, I wouldn’t say so. You scumbags always say the talent/skill/programmer/etc shortage is a big problem. It’s not, and it never has been.

    #2,3,4:1.5 million new computer jobs!? Authors of that “Groundbreaking Report” are either either habitual liars, or totally disconnected from reality. Or both. That 1.5 million new computer jobs have been predicted over and over again ever since the end 1990s, never to materialize. The existing computer jobs have been vanishing instead.

    #5: You don’t say. That must have been a hell of a study.

    #6: These numbers suggest, that there’s a surplus of about 30% female IT graduates (and probably 60% male, but they don’t matter).

    IT Pros are supposed to leave after 15 or 20 years or so. It’s a young man’s game, nobody needs grumpy burned out old wheezers.

    #7: The whole 49% of women manage to stay in IT after changing their jobs? Not bad! Not bad at all.

    #8: Dangerous trends? Oh, my!

    #9: OK, then, let’s see that report… uh oh! No way I’m gonna give you my email address. Not even a throwaway one.

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      I love reports like this

      by ouritlady ·

      In reply to Shortage shouters set their sights on women

      Thanks for posting those links, I needed a good laugh today. I really have trouble understanding why the big deal on attracting a particular demographic to a specific job or career, surely you are better attracting people (of any demographic) who are actually interested, have an aptitude, and want to do the job.

      I am curious about one aspect of the report though. If there is a shortage of candidates in general, and female candidates in particular, how come I have so much trouble finding suitable positions to apply for every single time I’m looking to move on?

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        Murphy’s Law

        by notsochiguy ·

        In reply to I love reports like this

        Talent shortages only apply to other jobs, not the ones for which you apply!


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        If attracting general demographic doesn’t work,

        by jkameleon ·

        In reply to I love reports like this

        … try attracting particular demographic.

        Maybe they think women are more gullible than men, or something, I don’t know.

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        by ansugisalas ·

        In reply to I love reports like this

        Hey… you could sue the next company to send you a no-thanks letter and then subpoena the makers of the report to testify in a court of law! They’d have to provide their solid proof of a shortage.
        It’d be awesome.
        Ok. So maybe not.
        But still; they should be held accountable for what they’re churning out.

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          From the ethical point of view, you’re probably right

          by jkameleon ·

          In reply to Ouch…

          If education as an investment into yourself, the makers of the report are Bernie Madoff.

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