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Shortcut Key to Create New Folder?

By rcoleman ·
Is there a shortcut keystroke that will create a New Folder on my desktop when no folders are open, without having to right-click with the mouse to open the "New" dialog box? I know the shortcut key once I have right-clicked but wish I could eliminate needing to take my hands off the keyboard altogehter! Assigning shortcut keys to open all other programs is a cinch but I can't figure this one out. Thanks

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by Lizzy In reply to Shortcut Key to Create Ne ...

This works if the first shortcut doesn't select or focus on one of the icons on the desktop.

Windows Key + D (to move the focus to the desktop)

Context Menu Key

W (for New)

F (for Folder)

Name the folder

Enter to finish

Hope this helps!

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by rcoleman In reply to

Thanks but this isn't what I was looking for, already knew this one. What I want to do is create a folder with one combination of keyboard hotkeys. For instance, instead of going through the same process you mentioned to create a "New Word Document," now all I have to do is hit "Ctrl + Alt + W" and there it is! I make a lot of folders and would like it to be that quick for them too.

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Shortcut Key to Create Ne ...

You don't have to right click the mouse--
You can right-click almost anything in almost any window or program and bring up a "context menu. You can bring up the context menu on any selected item by pressing Shift-F10. This is exactly the same as right-clicking with the mouse, and should work almost anywhere that right-clicking works.
Although this does not answer your question about making a folder, this is less clutter.

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by rcoleman In reply to

Thanks. hadn't been using that keystroke but you're right, not quite what I was hoping for. I'm not sure but think if I could find where the file is that is tied to this operation it could maybe be assigned a shortcut key like I've done with other applications?

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Shortcut Key to Create Ne ...

For example, when I right click in windows explorer, I see an option which says "open command window here". Do You know why I see this ? Well I see this because I have following entries in my registry.

@="Open Command Window Here"
@="C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /k cd "%1""
If You have never used a tweaking utility and have newly installed Windows XP, You would not see this option. You would have to navigate to [[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive] go and create two subkeys ("cmd" and within that "command" and would have to put the text "Open Command Window Here" without quotes in default string value of "cmd" key and the text "C:\WINDOWS\System32\cmd.exe /k CD"%1"" without quotes in default string value of command key). After this You need to REBOOT for these changes to take effect.
Trick is in adding similar entries for other applications as well even though its much harder to come with ideas about what to put in the context menu!!!! .

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to

By using the Registry strings above, I can put what I want in the Context Menu, perhaps you can take it from there, or use this in conjunction with the keystroke for your programs?

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by rcoleman In reply to Shortcut Key to Create Ne ...

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