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    Shortcut keys


    by erica.ramsey ·


    I defined shortcut key for a “shortcut” to a cmd prompt. However, they are not working. when I press ctrl+alt+k the shortcut I created to cmd.exe should open up console, dos prompt. but it is not working. researched on google andl learned that since actually shortcut resides in “Quicklaunch” folder that they will not work. Conseqently, I move shortcut to desktop and it still does not pop open a cmd.exe console window when I do a ctrl+alt+k sequence.

    Also, any patches to allow shortcut keys to work with entrgies defined in “quicklaunch” folder?


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      In some windows versions

      by gone fishing ·

      In reply to Shortcut keys

      The shortcuts need to be on the desktop to work

      You may need to make a new shortcut
      But first delete any old shortcuts with the key combos for it to work
      Also you may need to log off and on


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      Shorcut keys in Windows

      by nilpo ·

      In reply to Shortcut keys

      Hello, Erica,

      Shortcut keys in Windows XP have many limitations. One of which is that they must be created in, and reside in the Desktop Folder.

      What this means is that a shortcut must be on your desktop when you create the shorcut and it will not work anymore if you move it from there.

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      Shortcut Key Page

      by mv28 ·

      In reply to Shortcut keys

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