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Shortcut on pc to NT4.0 server gives err

By Samduhman ·

I have a user that requires a shortcut on their pc to run a program on the server. When she clicks the shortcut a box pops up asking for username and password. If she uses her logon and password it give an error pertaining to not having theproper rights to use the server. If I enter the NT administrative logon and password the program launches fine. Whats the fix?

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User Rights

by timwalsh In reply to Shortcut on pc to NT4.0 s ...

The user in question must have the user right "Log on locally" enabled on the server.

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by ghstinshll In reply to User Rights

Do N-O-T give this user rights to log on interactively to an NT server... What are you thinking? It'll do it, but think of the security implications are at risk with this. You might as well give her the ability to walk in and use the server as her personal workstation.

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I cann't agree with you


If ordinary users want to execute programs on the server,corrected rights should be given.

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Yes but

by LordInfidel In reply to I cann't agree with you

In this case, they should not need log on locally.

We need to review this setup. We need to know if this is in a domain model, if so is it 2k or nt4 model.

What client OS?

Is the user that is trying to be logged on a member of the domain users group.

What are the permissions set to for the share on the server?

What I find interesting is that it is asking for a username and pwd just to make the connection to the machine. Which tells me that that user is not a user in the domain. Beacsue the credentials don't match anything that it has so it is prompting for a valid set of cred's.

That is just my take.

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permission issue

by wchuang In reply to Shortcut on pc to NT4.0 s ...

on the server u must give right to her to access the folder or application.
right click on folder and check security.
add her account on .... with permission... then ur done...

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by ghstinshll In reply to permission issue

This should do it.

Check the UNC path in the shortcut, and make sure the permissiong to the share point "\\servername\foldername" (or foldername) have access, and that the NTFS permissions don't restrict her either. give her as little of rights as you can, working your way up, instead of having to restrict more later on. Do some testing.

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