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By roger ·
Is there a keyboard short to move an open window around,,, like how you would with the mouse and also is there a keyboard shortcut to change the size of the open window,,,like how you would with the mouse by positioning it at the edge the open window and draging it to the size you need.

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by DKlippert In reply to Shortcuts
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by junk In reply to Shortcuts

If I understand your question, you're wanting to know how to *not* use your mouse. Unplug it and type 'til it works! Not really. Alt + space bar brings up what used to be called the control menu box (one-slice toaster in the upper left of win3.1). I don't know it its name has changed, so I'll stick with what I know.

Alt + space bar makes restore, move, minimize, maximize, etc. come to life in the upper left of the window. In rare instances you can get a window pushed off the top of the screen that this may be the only way you can get it back.

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by mjgtennis In reply to Shortcuts

Shortcuts all the way:

Alt, space, M, then arrow keys and enter to finish the move.

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