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Should a Network Admin know how to script??

By LarryD4 ·
Ok, so my boss says he hired a network admin to off load some work from my plate.

He says he was a network admin in his previous job.
He says he never had to do scripting because someone from the programming team did it for him.

Can a Network Admin survive without knowing how to script???

I'm just baffled...

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Gods of us all, what qualifies as an admin these days?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Should a Network Admin kn ...

Yes, a network admin should know how to script.

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I totally agree.... <nt>

by ---TK--- In reply to Gods of us all, what qual ...
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Ok then,

by LarryD4 In reply to Gods of us all, what qual ...

I'm not totally crazy, We hired a level 2 Analyst who apparently was an Admin before this. He is sitting in the office on his second day reading the Server 2003 book and the scripting essentials book, my boss gave him.

This is the frustrating part about working here. We are in a downturn economy, we have tons of applicants available to us, a state job is desirable for the pension alone, and we hire a guy who has never scripted.

I'm having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

I want to move to Australia..

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lol.... could be worse....

by ---TK--- In reply to Ok then,

Just make him do all the jobs that you don't like doing...

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Opportunity is knocking

by kvanbuskirk In reply to lol.... could be worse... ...

You?re the senior administrator. Use your leverage to improve the company?s network. Administration is not a pissing contest between two personalities. You have the very soul of the company in your hands. Focus your efforts on what?s best for the company. In short, automate everything that can conceivably run from a script. You don?t have to micro manage the project, just have the new admin start creating relevant, useful scripts. To have another member that can script all the mundane jobs of setting up backup jobs, formatting/labeling backup tapes, mapping drives, running logon/logoff scripts, download and install corporate software on new purchase laptops, adding/removing users from AD, new user setup, email accounts, etc. would be great!This is your chance to show that you are able to manage the affairs of the network and that you are self reliant, always focused on what it will take to make sure that the network continues.
Remember: The network is your primary mission in life. It is a living, breathing, and hopefully, growing entity. You are charged with it?s care. Don?t become distracted by personalities, and non-productive busy work. If you want to keep you job, demonstrate your professionalism by always keeping the network FIRST!

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I agree. Be positive and use it for better

by In reply to Opportunity is knocking

I 2nd this?..The idea of someone not being good enough or qualified for the job "..cause you think so" is all to often a failing in the world today, not just in this workforce. Best to put them to use as kvanbuskirk say's and make things better than to add issues to the work place that don?t help. Plus, down the road the effort makes you and the project better. This idea has made the industry overall worse by the Newbie concept. So he learns scripting (as I am doing right now along with Server 2008 R2), and in the process takes some workload off you and others and more can get done.
What?s best for the project?

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I have a better idea.

by apotheon In reply to lol.... could be worse... ...

Instead of treating the new guy like a red-headed stepchild, try helping him build the skills he lacks. If he has real potential, he might become a real asset to the company and become an excellent, highly skilled network administrator, once he's given the chance to learn.

edit: Never mind. After seeing the later post about how the guy claims to have been an admin since "the days of NT 3.51", it seems to me he's dead weight. Fifteen years without learning how to do some simple scripting is a really, really bad sign.

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100% agree gotta know how to script AND know

by CG IT In reply to Gods of us all, what qual ...

what to script for... especially for Active Directory based networks.

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Lots of netadmin duties, but very little scripting...

by Selltekk In reply to Gods of us all, what qual ...

My title is not Network administrator. It is "Infotech specialist," however I do alot of network admin duties because our network admin really sucks. I'm quite proficient with Cisco IOS for both routing and switching, general AD and other related tasks, but haven't had a real need to script much of anything.

Other than mass user adds in AD and SQL stuff (which our sysdev takes care of) what kinds of things should I look into scripting if I wanted to get some experience? Or login script is already written, and rarely needs to be changed.

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Welcome to the point and pray world we live in

by jdclyde In reply to Should a Network Admin kn ...

That is what happens when they allow just anyone to get any title they want.

Question, why is he no longer the admin at his last place of employment? because he only knew part of the job and could pass off the difficult parts to others?

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