Should Acer Aspire T135 work with a big hard disk?

By Healer ·
I have a brand-new Western Digital 1.5TB drive. The Acer Aspire T135 XP Home system won't detect it if it connects to the SATA port. However the system detects it if it connects to a USB port while installed in an external hard drive enclosure.

I have updated the BIOS. It doesn't fix the problem and the BIOS looks the same as before so it probably is the same old version.

If this system by default does not detect big SATA hard disks, is there any way to go around it apart from having it as an external hard drive?

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Could be many possible reasons

by n_kahnman In reply to Should Acer Aspire T135 w ...

When the drive is plugged into the sata port do you see it listed on the post (bios) screen that flashes by (if your screen just shows an Acer logo you may have to push the 'tab' key to see the post details, it usually goes by quickly so be ready) when you turn on your pc? if yes it is most likely that you just need to initialize the drive after windows starts up. This can be done by right-clicking (once) on the 'My Computer' icon and selecting 'Manage', when the window opens on the left-hand side you will see a heading 'Disk Management' (under the 'Storage' heading). Click on it (once) and on the main pane to the upper right it will show all the disks/optical drives connected to your pc in detail view and below that it show more info about the drives listed above. You should see your WD 1.5Tb drive listed part way down the lower pane and it will show a black bar with the word 'unallocated' below it (the drive will show a capacity of approx. 1370Gb). Right click (once) on the black bar area and select 'New Partition'. This will open a window titled 'New Partition Wizard', click 'next' and choose the 'Primary partition' button then click 'next' and follow the prompts and let it create the partition using the automatically filled in values (unless you want to customize the size, drive letter...). On the 'Format Partition' screen you may want to give your drive a different name then the default 'New Volume' and if it is a brand new drive you can also check the box labeled 'Perform a quick format' (this will format the drive very fast, a full format could take up to an hour or so for a large drive). Click 'next' then click 'finish' and your drive will be ready to use within seconds. Close the 'Computer Management' window and open 'My Computer' and your new drive should be listed and ready to go. If your drive is not listed in the computer management/storage/disk management window it is most likely a bios setting causing the drive not to be recognized (sata disabled, LBA48 setting or...?). Also if you are trying to load windows xp to this drive you will need a windows xp sp2 (or sp3) installation disk as the original windows xp install disk will only recognize/install to drives smaller then 138Gb (approx. size as far as I know, haven't used XP for years). Hopefully this helps and if you have any questions or problems feel free to ask.

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