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Should all the memory bank should be equal?

By surveymaster.shivaram ·
I read all the memory bank eual memory is recommended. Please advice me on this. We need to upgrade all our workststions.

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by timwalsh In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

There is no "one answer fits all" answer to this question.

It may vary based on the age of the computers to be upgraded and the motherboard installed. Your best bet is to follow the motherboard (or system) manufacturer's recommendations, usually found in the user's manual. Failing that check out the FAQs on the manufacturer's website.

Most recent motherboards will work fine memory of different capacities in different memory banks (although that isn't always the case).

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by jschein In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

In the past, with older systems, you had to make sure equal memory in all slots for upgrades. This day, this is not a requirement unless dealing with certain server mobo's or extreme gaming mobo's.

Only thing that should be a requirement on the average board is that the bus speed of the memory (i.e. 100mhz, 133mhz, 400mhz...) stay common. Some motherboards will autodetect the bus speed and pick the common most usable which may let a system work fine, or it may leave the system unstable.

But, in most cases, you can still have 3 slots, one with 16mb, one with 32mb, and one with 128mb if that is all you have available.

Also, it is best when using multiple sticks, preferebly the sticks are maxed per slot (i.e. 256mb or 512mb per slot). As memory does not have to be bufferred between modules if the module itself is high capacity.

Hope this helps.

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by TheChas In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

For RDRAM and SIMM memory modules, it is MANDATORY that RAM be installed in matched pairs.

For some PIII and Celeron systems, you can install RDRAM as a single DIMM with a CRIM module in the second slot.

For SDRAM and DDR RAM, it is MUCH more important to match the memory to the system.

For SDRAM, there are many variations as to what will work in a specific motherboard.
Systems that are more than 18 months old may have limits as to what type of SDRAM modules will function in the motherboard.
It would take several answers to list all of the SDRAM limitations I have encountered over the years.

Now, some motherboards will be a little bit more stable, and run just a little bit faster if ALL RAM modules are the same size.
It has to do with how the BIOS addresses the RAM.

Whenever practical, I install matched sets of RAM modules.
For W98, I typically install 3 128MB SDRAM modules.
For XP, I install 3 256MB modules.

If install mixed size RAM modules, it is 'BEST' practice to install the largest module in the first slot, and the smallest in the last slot.


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by csmith In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

If the motherboard supports interleaving, it will be faster with all modules the same size. If not, it makes no difference.
If supported, the interleaving setting will be in the BIOS.
Interleaving is where the memory controller arranges the memory so it reads the banks consecutively, as addresses increase.
This is faster than having all of Bank 0 as the lowest addresses, then Bank 1, then Bank 2, then Bank 3. etc.
So for interleaving, while Bank 0 data paragraph is fetched, Bank 1 is being setup for the next data paragraph transfer to the Accumulator (CPU).
A Faster, but more expensive, method of memory control.
This should not be too serious a consideration. The speed difference is not that great under most applications.
Regards, Chris

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by michael_stilwell In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

First you should check the manuel too see how much RAM you have. Then u then check the sticks themselfs and add see if anyone might have added any extra. If not then you should look at your CPU ratings to see if your system can handle more.
Remember if you have Simms and dimm slots only one of the types can work.. I dont think you can use both.
Good luck and if ya have any other questions please feel free to email me.


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by markhauser In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

Something else to keep in mind is that the Latency is the same on every module if you are using Sdram. (CL2, CL2.5, CL3) many motherboard do not support faster latency memory!

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by wlbowers In reply to Should all the memory ban ...

This depends entirely on the motherboard that is in the system.

Some don't care. Some get real ticked off.

Comment the system discription and we will research it for you.


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