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    Should Corporate executives align with the IT standards!


    by hp gaspar ·

    These last few weeks have seen me receiving a lot of questions on the same issue above. A number of friends in other Enterprises and Corporates similar to the one where I work have been asking me this question. I have to be honest, it has crossed my mind before. Should our executives be limited by the Standards that created by IT or should deviations be allowed.

    Corporates and Enterprises normally create a corporate standard in terms of the make/model of laptop/desktop for their users and the Mobile devices they support, in some cases only corporate devices are allowed onto the network, in other, personal or contractor devices have the option to connect to the corporate network provided they meet certain criteria, etc..

    So the question that was posed is should Executives have the flexibility to bring their own devices such as iPhones and connect them to the corporate network, iPads or their own model of tablet/laptop etc.. via Wireless or link to Mail via extranet sync policies…

    If you look at the work done by IT departments in an attept to Standardize their environments and provide the required support for their users, should Executives not be the role model and ensure that they use the technologies supported by the Organization and not deviate from them. IT teams look at the security of devices, perform management of devices and often take on support responsibilities on these over and above the requried to ensure the safety, security and suppoprtability of their environments.

    What are your thoughts on the matter?

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