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Should government be allowed to regulate. . . . . . .

By maxwell edison ·
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...... (fill in the blank)

Treat this like a Friday Night Music. In other words, post a new reply with a different fill in the blank example, or comment on one already posted.

I illustrated with a few starter threads.

Post your issue, answer yes or no, and make your own comments on the issue. Be brief or go into detail, whichever is appropriate.

Let's see where it goes.

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The Internet?

by maxwell edison In reply to Should government be allo ...

That's a hot potato.

As it relates to air traffic control, government functions, national defense, the power grids, etc., I might say yes. But if we allow those things, what else do we invite the government to regulate?

To the aforementioned (and similar) things, I say yes. To all else, I say no. How can both of those things happen at the same time?

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You've raised two issues here and I'll speak on both

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The Internet?

The government should not have any say or regulatory control of the internet at all.

Sure, have government organisations using the net to chase down criminals involved in cyber attacks and other criminal activity over the physical network, but not the internet or the data or it's access.

Traffic control and other government functions should NOT be accessible via the internet, if they are it's because the organisation has NOT done it's job right in keeping such security required functions segregated from the internet. This should be a physical segregation, not an electronic one.

It's an indictment of governments and their organisations that people can use the internet to access such systems as the air traffic control system, the rail network, the road traffic control systems. They should NOT be on a system that's connected to the internet at all.

get the infrastructure controls out of the internet accessible network.

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And cap (or regulate) the salary of Internet CEOs. . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to You've raised two issues ...
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The same as all corporate CEOs

by Deadly Ernest In reply to And cap (or regulate) the ...

many ways it can be regulated. See other post for more discussion.

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But wait - the Internet CEO doesn't have a salary, per se. .

by maxwell edison In reply to You've raised two issues ... the government should put a cap on bonuses and overall wealth. Is that right, Ernest?

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If the recipient gets to decide what they are yes.

by Deadly Ernest In reply to But wait - the [i]Interne ...

The point here is we are talking about people making decision on what they get paid by others. Often to the fiscal detriment of others.

Bonuses etc can be set in relation to performance. The best way would be to set a CEO wage as a percentage of post tax income, you may have the percentage vary with the company size a little to balance things out for the smaller companies.

But say you set the CEO salary of big business to 3% of post tax income. The business makes a profit of 100 million dollars and he gets three million, but if it makes a loss he gets zip. This would encourage the CEO to perform better and to notify quicker of adverse trading situations. At present we see many cases where the CEO gets paid millions while the companies make losses and go bust.

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The point is. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to If the recipient gets to ...

That corporations - or ANY business, for that matter - should operate outside the financial control of government.

YOUR VOTE SHOULD NOT dictate what a corporate CEO earns, or what ANYONE earns - PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a pompous and self-righteous attitude you're displaying. Get off your high-horse, and stop dictating to others how to live.

(I'm taking a break. Attitudes like yours just **** me off to no end.)

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Max, how can you justify a CEO telling the shareholders

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The point is. . . . .

what they must pay him each year instead of asking them to nominate a figure?

It's all to do with who decides what happens with someone else's money. In every other situation the one who owns the money makes the final decision, but not with CEO salaries.

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How do you justify NON-SHAREHOLDERS. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Max, how can you justify ...

.....telling a CEO what to do?

I'm a non-share holder in your life, Ernest. Now get on the ball and do what I TELL YOU to do.

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You're on the losing end of this argument.

by maxwell edison In reply to Max, how can you justify ...

Best you figure out a way to back-peddle.

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