Should I be concerned?

By Avuri ·
A friend in my discord sent me this link**586816/276693099747475456/chrome_200_percent.pak and told me it was a picture. He then waited for me to open it and then laughed and said it was actually a key-logger virus. I ran a full windows defender scan and it said nothing so now I'm pretty anxious, should I do anything else or was he lying about the virus? :I

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Use Another Scanner

by Thinney In reply to Should I be concerned?

Windows defender provides basic protection to users when compared to third-party antivirus solutions on the market, so it's advised that you download and use a professional malware scanner to detect the potential threat.
From this link you can download a free scanner:

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oh no

by techodin In reply to Should I be concerned?

burn your computer

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kind of joke

by liyagrey In reply to Should I be concerned?

you told this that he is your friend so he never send you this kind of things that will harm your PC so don't worry you don't have to do any another things .

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by Mike_Cartwright In reply to Should I be concerned?

Any updates on what has happened?

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