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    Should I blame my Profession as IT?


    by cachifox ·

    Some time I hate to think,
    I hate my self
    and I hate my Profession as IT

    My mind is almost full of codes I could not even think to eat or go to the tiolet for a urine and I don’t even want to sleep just to finish my project.

    I don’t know what to do, Who should I need to blame?

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      Blame your Doctor

      by ldyosng ·

      In reply to Should I blame my Profession as IT?

      For not putting you on the right medication. Sounds like a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder to me. The IT business seems to be a magnet for people with OCD. That’s how I survive in this business. My users think I’m some kind of Goddess because I don’t stop until the problem is solved. In reality, I’m too darned obsessive to give up. But, of course, I’m probably the only one, eh?

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      Get a laptop

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Should I blame my Profession as IT?

      Then you can still write code when you go to the toilet.

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      Don’t look for blame…

      by geobeck ·

      In reply to Should I blame my Profession as IT?

      Look for change. You probably got into IT because you like to tinker with computers or software on your own. Very often, taking a job related to your hobby is a mistake.

      Start planning an exit strategy, and get yourself out of IT. That’s what I’m presently doing.

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      Cheer up ~

      by megabaum ·

      In reply to Should I blame my Profession as IT?


      Maybe time to take a long vaca! I know how you feel, I guess the finer details of IT have a way sticking with you, if you know what I mean. I’ve been on projects, where for a period of time I dream about problems, politics, and solutions… it’s really not a healthy scenario =). Somtimes when you are so far into the details and you’re dealing with company politics, it can get to ya; while this is quite normal in stressful situations, it’s not healthy.

      You really should have a work-life balance, which means you’re not stressing about work when U R at home. It sounds like a good time to save some money, build up your savings and start considering another line of work…

      Good luck to you. Since you’re a CIO you probably shoudn’t have to get too far into the details… start relying on your experts and relax. And don’t hate yourself, life is to short man!

      I leave you with this final quote:

      “When your job seems overwhelming and poltical, remember – everyone has an ass to kiss!”.

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      Whatever happened

      by boxfiddler ·

      In reply to Should I blame my Profession as IT?

      to the age of accountability?

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