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Should I build a PWA or or native application?

By crow-t-robot ·
I’m looking for some advice on if I should build a new application using a Progressive Web App or a combination of web / native. The application will have a few features that I’m not entirely sure a PWA can fully / reliably support.

Barcode scanning: When in a mobile view, users should be able to scan barcodes presented to them.

Ive seen a few pwa demo applications that can scan a barcode on iOS but I don’t know if its a reliable solution for android / all browser options on iOS

2. Offline support: high possibility that when users are scanning barcodes their connection may be interrupted or non existent. Offline features will mostly be for when users are on mobile.

the application will need to store scans made when offline and send them off when the connection comes back. I know one of the selling points of a PWA is that it can work offline but I don’t know if this functionality should be relied on for data integrity.
The application will need to be able to download a small data bases or list of records to check against when scanning offline if the users knows there will be no connection.

Mainly wanted to get others opinions or experiences with PWA’s on these topics before I try to wrap all this functionality into one application, or split it into a web app and a native app.
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Gave this a thought.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Should I build a PWA or o ...

To me it sounds like your SDD (software design document) is not done or complete. Nail that down and then you can see if your company will proceed with this project.

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build a PWA or or native application

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Should I build a PWA or o ...

Although PWA use secure URL in https, native applications remain a more secure and reliable way of accessing information. If it takes longer to install on one's home screen, native application performs better than Progressive Web App: user navigation is faster, smoother and more enjoyable

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