Should I buy the Pixel 3A? Any other recommendations?

By Solar88 ·
Hi there, recently I've been wanting to stock up on a budget to mid-range smartphone. My uses/requirements for the new device are very simple.

-I don't game at all
-I spend most of my time watching youtube videos, browsing social media, chatting/calling with my friends
-In the price range of 100-500 USD
-No Notch
-Has Headphone Jack
-Have a great camera

Having a great camera is on the highest of my priorities. I've been stuck with phones that have terrible camera quality that absolutely cannot take good quality photos, therefore, I long for a new phone that is excellent in snapping photos in both human subjects(mostly) and landscapes.

After some research, I found that the Pixel 3A best suits my needs, as it provides a great camera, and I don't really mind its mid-range processor. However, I am quite bummed out about the small battery capacity (3000mAh), as I'm used to using a phone that has a relatively big battery capacity (4130mAh). I'm aware that there is a XL version for the Pixel 3A which offers a bigger battery capacity and screen, but then I'd like to ask the user experience on a 6 inch phone, whether the consequence of losing some one-handed functionality is that significant, and if the extra price for the XL version is worth paying.

It would be of great help if the pixel users out there could help clear the fog that's been clouding me. I'm also opened to any other phone suggestions that you guys may have that you think better suits my needs and fits my requirements, thank you so much for your help!

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I think it's worth it

by kylestinson9009 In reply to Should I buy the Pixel 3A ...

Do you often find yourself charging your phone? You come across as an average user. For the size of the phone though, I think it should suffice for a whole day's use, and is a small compromise for getting nice Pixel features at its price. Not a Pixel user honestly, but I've seen the photos from the phone and think they look amazing. Not a lot of mid-range phones offer that.

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