Should I choose Linux or Windows Server>

By tsenny ·
I am working at an organisation that did not have any IT infrastructure so I am setting up new systems. I have started with a LAN and I am now going to put a server. I want to deploy just email, web, file and print services for now as well as Internet sharing. I am in a dilemna. Should I go and put a Linux server or Windows since I do not want to incur any more costs such as Exchange etc.

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If your on a tight budget

by markp24 In reply to Should I choose Linux or ...

If your on a tight budget and your comfortable supporting Linux then I would go with Linux.

Now you just need to select which version you can use in a business environment thats legally free to use for business.

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Reponse To Answer

by tsenny In reply to If your on a tight budget

Thanx for your advice mark. I am very comfortable supporting Linux

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Linux vs Windows

by jwaustin In reply to Should I choose Linux or ...

Well you had to ask so I immediately thought Windows but you sound competent so it swings back to Linux. If you get to decide, go with Linux but consider something you don't need to set up from scratch. The last time I did one of these, used ClarkConnect. That is now ClearOS and I'd give it a look as you can buy support for it if you move on or get tired of admin all of the time and want to delegate to the less trained.

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