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Should I download IE 7 or wait?

By rednksweetpea ·
With all the flaws in IE 7, I am kinda alittle scared to download this. What is your opinon on this guys?? Have you downloaded it and it works for you? Or are you waiting like I am?

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DO NOT Go for it (UPDATED)

by TechExec2 In reply to Should I download IE 7 or ...

Updated 11/9/2006: My original post appears below. After reading the posts of others here, some reporting significant problems, I retract my original post. DO NOT go for it.

I'm a little miffed at my original post. I have been using Firefox since 2004. I recommend Firefox. Period. When will I learn? I shouldn't say anything nice about Microsoft.

I upgraded to Firefox 2 the day it came out. It has performed flawlessly for me.


I wouldn't hesitate to download and use IE7. The flaws I've heard about are relatively minor. Besides, they keep finding new flaws in IE6 and that will probably continue. It's not like you're going to be safer with IE6. Bug-free software is an oxymoron.

Personally, I prefer Firefox 2. That's what I use.

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I wouldn't

by mleclercq In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it ( ...

After installing on my IBM Think Center i could not access my banking and some other programs where messed up. I had to backup my system to an earlier version! I would say......handle with care...

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Should I download IE 7 or wait?

by rjvana37 In reply to I wouldn't

My Bank said not to use it untill they approve the security. My Brother downloaded it and he also couldn't use his online banking. My main concern also, was the banking issue.

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Don't even think about it..

by katokato In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it ( ...

I installed it on my test machine, wanted to see how bad it is. I couldn't even find the button to view source (web developer's friend). i just didn't like the looks and feel of it. So i uninstalled and am back to ie6. But my web browser is corrupted. I cannot send attachements via yahoo at all.
Microsoft Internet Explorer errors keep popping up. I googled to find some way to get rid of, did everything posts said. NOTHING...Everytime i try to install ie6, it complains "a newer version is already installed".

THAND GOD, It was not my dev machine!

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Ie7 button to view source

by jerryc7 In reply to Don't even think about it ...

There is a menu item on the right hand part of the Ie7 screen, next to the "tools" menu called "Page" where you can find "view source". I have Ie7 installed on my laptop and so far it is working just fine. Just a matter of getting used to it and finding all the new features (and old features).

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If you have system restore turned on, go back

by elliot In reply to Don't even think about it ...

I have heard there are issues when trying to go back to IE6 after IE7 because of changes that were made to the registry. If you have system restore turned on, you could try going back to a time before you installed IE7 in the first place.

Just a suggestion; I hope that it helps.

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re :- DO NOT Go for it (UPDATED)

by utkarsh_vish In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it ( ...

Its inappropriate to compare the the use and the ease of the IE 7 with mozilla , though the mozilla is pretty secure , but if you go on explaining the securtiy creeps to the people its all going to be beating arround the bushes

- not getting offessive , IE 7 from look to feature its a perfect example of a professional design and well managed tool and the information with easy accessibility

- the way IE 7 works and gets installed or updates the computer is very different than that of the mozilla

- on the front of security mozilla scores more but the lead is marginal

- i have been using the IE 7 successfully with no problem , its the way you install the importatnt updates on the computer according to the settings of the computer

- when i installed IE 7 i didnt faced some inconvinience but the reason were proper , looked for the respective solution and now the IE 7 is running all good for last 7 months with no problema at all

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IE 7 ****

by biggdogg24 In reply to Should I download IE 7 or ...

I have had a couple people put it on test machinews and after the [roduct was put on the machines started getting more adware and spyware than they did with IE 6 if you download this software update I would be leary of it also one of the people that put this on their laptop just had to do a complete destructive recovery cause it cause several conflicts with things that he was running so download with caution

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IE7 is much more safe than ie6 and firefox 2

by madcow9597 In reply to IE 7 hell

In my opinion IE7 is much more reliable then Firefox 2. I was using firefox and actually got two spyware bots. I know where I got them so I removed them. Then upgraded to IE7 and went to the same site to see if I would get them again. Guess what. They were blocked!!! However I did get 1 warning from IE7 about a (I think that's what it was called) spyware trying to install but it ended up not installing but did lock up IE7.

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I would NOT necessarily say that

by cranbo1960 In reply to IE7 is much more safe tha ...

I am quoting from Brian Livingston's "Windows Secrets" newsletter of 2006.10.26:

Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which was released to the public last week, includes several security improvements but still has weaknesses inherited from IE 6.


IE 7 does benefit from some significant updates over IE 6. For example, the so-called Phishing Filter in IE 7 warns you if a page you're about to visit is in a real-time database of hacked sites. (You must turn on this filter for it to work. Hopefully, most users will do so because IE 7 asks for the filter to be enabled the first time you use the new browser.)

Also, IE 7's new Protected Mode, which only works in Windows Vista, will prevent Web sites from modifying system files or settings.


Unfortunately, IE 7 still contains some security weaknesses that were present in IE 6 ? and which Microsoft still hasn't fixed in that older browser. The most publicized example since IE 7 went gold is the so-called MHTML hole. This problem allows a hacked site to read information from the window of a different site you're visiting, such as an online banking service.

More of this can be found at

Topic: IE 7 needs tweaking for safety

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