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    Should I download IE 7 or wait?


    by rednksweetpea ·

    With all the flaws in IE 7, I am kinda alittle scared to download this. What is your opinon on this guys?? Have you downloaded it and it works for you? Or are you waiting like I am?

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      [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it (UPDATED)

      by techexec2 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Updated 11/9/2006: My original post appears below. After reading the posts of others here, some reporting significant problems, I retract my original post. DO NOT go for it.

      I’m a little miffed at my original post. I have been using Firefox since 2004. [b]I recommend Firefox. Period.[/b] When will I learn? I shouldn’t say [i]anything[/i] nice about Microsoft.

      I upgraded to Firefox 2 the day it came out. It has performed flawlessly for me.


      I wouldn’t hesitate to download and use IE7. The flaws I’ve heard about are relatively minor. Besides, they keep finding new flaws in IE6 and that will probably continue. It’s not like you’re going to be safer with IE6. Bug-free software is an oxymoron.

      Personally, I prefer Firefox 2. That’s what I use.

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        I wouldn’t

        by mleclercq ·

        In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it (UPDATED)

        After installing on my IBM Think Center i could not access my banking and some other programs where messed up. I had to backup my system to an earlier version! I would say……handle with care…

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          Should I download IE 7 or wait?

          by rjvana37 ·

          In reply to I wouldn’t

          My Bank said not to use it untill they approve the security. My Brother downloaded it and he also couldn’t use his online banking. My main concern also, was the banking issue.

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        Don’t even think about it..

        by katokato ·

        In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it (UPDATED)

        I installed it on my test machine, wanted to see how bad it is. I couldn’t even find the button to view source (web developer’s friend). i just didn’t like the looks and feel of it. So i uninstalled and am back to ie6. But my web browser is corrupted. I cannot send attachements via yahoo at all.
        Microsoft Internet Explorer errors keep popping up. I googled to find some way to get rid of, did everything posts said. NOTHING…Everytime i try to install ie6, it complains “a newer version is already installed”.

        THAND GOD, It was not my dev machine!

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          Ie7 button to view source

          by jerryc7 ·

          In reply to Don’t even think about it..

          There is a menu item on the right hand part of the Ie7 screen, next to the “tools” menu called “Page” where you can find “view source”. I have Ie7 installed on my laptop and so far it is working just fine. Just a matter of getting used to it and finding all the new features (and old features).

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          If you have system restore turned on, go back

          by elliot ·

          In reply to Don’t even think about it..

          I have heard there are issues when trying to go back to IE6 after IE7 because of changes that were made to the registry. If you have system restore turned on, you could try going back to a time before you installed IE7 in the first place.

          Just a suggestion; I hope that it helps.

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        re :- DO NOT Go for it (UPDATED)

        by utkarsh_vish ·

        In reply to [i]DO NOT[/i] Go for it (UPDATED)

        Its inappropriate to compare the the use and the ease of the IE 7 with mozilla , though the mozilla is pretty secure , but if you go on explaining the securtiy creeps to the people its all going to be beating arround the bushes

        – not getting offessive , IE 7 from look to feature its a perfect example of a professional design and well managed tool and the information with easy accessibility

        – the way IE 7 works and gets installed or updates the computer is very different than that of the mozilla

        – on the front of security mozilla scores more but the lead is marginal

        – i have been using the IE 7 successfully with no problem , its the way you install the importatnt updates on the computer according to the settings of the computer

        – when i installed IE 7 i didnt faced some inconvinience but the reason were proper , looked for the respective solution and now the IE 7 is running all good for last 7 months with no problema at all

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      IE 7 hell

      by biggdogg24 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I have had a couple people put it on test machinews and after the [roduct was put on the machines started getting more adware and spyware than they did with IE 6 if you download this software update I would be leary of it also one of the people that put this on their laptop just had to do a complete destructive recovery cause it cause several conflicts with things that he was running so download with caution

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        IE7 is much more safe than ie6 and firefox 2

        by madcow9597 ·

        In reply to IE 7 hell

        In my opinion IE7 is much more reliable then Firefox 2. I was using firefox and actually got two spyware bots. I know where I got them so I removed them. Then upgraded to IE7 and went to the same site to see if I would get them again. Guess what. They were blocked!!! However I did get 1 warning from IE7 about a (I think that’s what it was called) spyware trying to install but it ended up not installing but did lock up IE7.

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          I would NOT necessarily say that

          by cranbo1960 ·

          In reply to IE7 is much more safe than ie6 and firefox 2

          I am quoting from Brian Livingston’s “Windows Secrets” newsletter of 2006.10.26:

          Microsoft’s new Internet Explorer 7.0 browser, which was released to the public last week, includes several security improvements but still has weaknesses inherited from IE 6.

          IE 7 does benefit from some significant updates over IE 6. For example, the so-called Phishing Filter in IE 7 warns you if a page you’re about to visit is in a real-time database of hacked sites. (You must turn on this filter for it to work. Hopefully, most users will do so because IE 7 asks for the filter to be enabled the first time you use the new browser.)

          Also, IE 7’s new Protected Mode, which only works in Windows Vista, will prevent Web sites from modifying system files or settings.

          Unfortunately, IE 7 still contains some security weaknesses that were present in IE 6 ? and which Microsoft still hasn’t fixed in that older browser. The most publicized example since IE 7 went gold is the so-called MHTML hole. This problem allows a hacked site to read information from the window of a different site you’re visiting, such as an online banking service.

          More of this can be found at

          Topic: IE 7 needs tweaking for safety

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        by ahsan9211 ·

        In reply to IE 7 hell

        i m using the IE7 and didn’t got any major problem in using this. i think u shud test is on a test machine and wait for 1/2 weeks to deploy on the production system.

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      Get it already.

      by jack-m ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I don’t like beta’s as a rule BUT…when I saw MS was going to put IE7 in their auto update list so I’d get it unless I took action to see I didn’t get it I went ahead and downloadedd it. It is absolutely no big deal. Took me about 3 minutes to see and get used to almost all the differences.
      A few buttons, STOP, Home, reload are in different locations and I had to take a minute or so to get used to that. Otherwise the difference is invisible to the user.
      I haven’t tried the built in RSS reader yet, at least that’s what I think it is.
      I’ve had it about 3/4 weeks now and zero problems. Good luck.

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        I’ve Had No Problems Either

        by hailet ·

        In reply to Get it already.

        Finally, I thought I must be the only one that didn’t have any problems with IE7.
        I installed IE7 and spent a day or two getting used to the new interface but haven’t experienced any issues at all.
        I DO also run Windows Live OneCare on this machine and maybe that makes a difference but I haven’t experienced any problems at all.
        I’d say download it, get used to it then decide if you like it or not.

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      I tried IE7 for 2 days – then switched back to Firefox 2.0

      by mike66 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I have used Mozilla Firefox for several years. However, I downloaded IE7 when one of my tech newsletters reported that Microsoft had improved the security issues and that we should really give IE7 a fair go.
      After 2 days trying IE7 I absolutely *hated*:
      1. I can’t remove what they call the Command Bar. It stays there despite all efforts to remove it and, if I clear all the icons from it the first five (home, feeds, print, page, tools) they re-insert themselves every time IE7 opens!! Useless for me because I do not like ‘Tab’/Tabbed browsing. The Command bar takes up precious web-page display space.
      2. I did find how to switch the (preferred) Menu bar back on, I just wish I could remove the history and favorites/favourites icons from that *ugly* ‘Command Bar’.
      3. When I ask for history to be kept for zero days and then I click Internet options/browsing history delete/delete all (Temp files+cookies+history+form data+passwords)I do not expect to find the list of visited sites still in the address bar drop-down list EVEN after IE7 has been closed and re-opened!
      This last issue was the final *IE7 killer* for me.

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      Depends on Useage

      by dbernor ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      If you are planning on using it on a Personal PC then it should be Fine. (FireFox is still better IMO)

      If you are thinking of deploying it in a professional environment then “NO WAY!”.
      I was being pressured by Users who were very excited about IE 7, and i crushed their dreams.

      Major reason is that we are a defense contractor and NONE of the Government on-line Applications support it.

      Business – Stick with IE6 or Firefox
      Personal – Totally your call on preference.

      Just my 2 cents

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        Thanks for the last tip

        by dawgit ·

        In reply to Depends on Useage

        That was all I needed to hear. It won’t work for me either than. Thanks. -d

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        Corporate Environments

        by wouter.brink ·

        In reply to Depends on Useage

        In a corporate environment especially where you need to work through a proxy server and have to use exceptions, it is a no go. I hade to do several manual entries and even found mess-ups with the proxy settings. This is not advisable in large corporate environments as you will get your technicians killed by users or over work. Even more so if your users are using multiple connection types on there laptops. I use LAN, dialup and Mobile and IE7 get confused as to what proxy setting to use or just not picking up what connection is used (PS. We use different proxy?s for different connection types.

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          Private Environments

          by wouter.brink ·

          In reply to Corporate Environments

          I am using IE7 on several of my PC?s at home for the last month. Absolutely no problems and the wife are mad about it. Must say I like the tab browsing to.

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      I’d wait until Service Pack 1 is released personally!

      by ni70 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      But I did download it to test it on our web applications. As previously mentioned it takes getting use to. I use Firefox at work and at home. I only use IE for those damned web applications that are developed for IE only. I wish web application developers would realize how insecure IE is and develop for any browser. But as my dearly departed father use to say [i]You can wish in one hand and sh!t in the other. Which one is going to be fullest?[/i]

      IE7 will be deployed in production when higher ups say it’s going to be deployed.

      • #3216921

        Agree with AK

        by viruser ·

        In reply to I’d wait until Service Pack 1 is released personally!

        Anything by Microsoft, I usually wait till at least the service pack 1 comes out. I have a old PC that am using to test it and so far, I have found some annoying little bugs here and there. Main point, I say wait!!

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      I did it

      by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I installed it on my home machine. I like the new screen real estate and the tabbed browsing. I did find a couple of issues with our web applications, but no issues with any of the sites I browse at home.

      As for work – I’d recommend holding off until all of your corporate web applications can be tested properly on a test PC. Set your WSUS, SMS, etc. to “Not Approve” this update or use the admin kit to do so as instructed by Microsoft. We’ve found a couple of applications so far that don’t like IE7 but require IE to work.

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      Depends on your setup, and needs

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      If you have more than 1 system and like playing with the new stuff, by all means, download it, at least onto 1 system.

      If you are using IE for specific sites or to do shopping/banking, then you may want to find out if your favorite sites support it before moving to it.

      I like several browsers, but none work for all of my sites except IE6

      I wouldnt worry about the flaws/bugs too much right now, unless you are shopping/banking. Might want to download a seperate browser for that, at least for now

      Personally, I have not made the jump to IE7 or FF2
      They are working for me right now, and are not supported internally (at work) at this time, so I havent done much. On 1 system I have a beta of IE7, but I rarely use that system anymore.

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      Certificate Problems

      by pierrejamme ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I tried it for a week or so, but kept getting Invalid Certicate Errors. I uninstalled it and went back to IE6. Then by accident, I saw a fix for certificates in IE7.0 when I was doing a Custom windows Update. Why they have IE7.0 as a critical and the patch that fixes this nuisance as Optional is beyond me. I’ll wait until you guys work out the bugs.

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      Been there, back to IE6 now

      by dlauxx ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Downloaded it, installed it, but it didn’t get along well with Norton Internet Security Suite 2005. Called Symantec, recommendation was to uninstall IE7. Uninstall? Hell lot of work. Don’t believe, check the website yourself. After all the fuss, restored back to previous working copy of the whole C: drive by using Ghost and sysprep. SO, I WAIT !!!

      • #3218088

        Same s^ituation!

        by van1216 ·

        In reply to Been there, back to IE6 now

        IE7 closes CCAPP.EXE, The primary internal of Norton. Plus, it hides the folders for history, cookies, and temp internet files so you can’t see them even when you select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”! (A good snoop for parents of not so bright teens). My opinion, MAYBE NEXT TIME!

      • #3218087

        Same s^ituation 2!

        by van1216 ·

        In reply to Been there, back to IE6 now

        Plus now I have pop-ups that are getting through both firewalls!

        • #3218068

          A Few Points

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to Same s^ituation 2!

          1) “It hides the folders for history, cookies, and temp internet files so you can’t see them even when you select “Show Hidden Files and Folders”

          Absolutely not true. Amazing how I still have those folders on my PC.

          2) Last time I checked, firewalls weren’t created to block popups. Do you have your IE Pop Up Blocker even turned on?

          Given that you are suffering from random pop ups and Norton crashed, I’d say you probably installed IE 7.0 on top of a PC already malware infested.

          Try cleaning a PC first before installing new software…any software install not just IE.

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      Yes! Install IE7 Now

      by onclejon ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Install it now ifonly because it is much more secure. I you like you can run it so that it behaves jsut lie IE6 but try the tabbed browsing and with a short learning curve. I expect you will like it

      • #3218148

        What’s all the fuss about

        by bbwalters ·

        In reply to Yes! Install IE7 Now

        I installed it, Address line is in a different position! That’s it, as far as my personal PC goes. Absolutely no working differences in PC or on line. I have no complaints.

        • #3218141

          I did, then unloaded it!

          by ron_bernard ·

          In reply to What’s all the fuss about

          As a trusting Microsoft user (foolish, I know!) I downloaded IE7 Beta 2 resulting in the loss of my “standard buttons” and my “toolbar” on my browser. It also woulnd’t let me access the “Internet Options” section in my Control Panel. I was informed by Microsoft through their troubleshooter that I couldn’t successfully load IE7 Beta2 unless I disabled all anti-virus/spyware software and adjusted my firewall settings. The end result … I dumped IE7 and went back to IE6 …. I think I’ll wait!

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      Why not have the best of both worlds!?

      by ke ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      The following link points to an article and a nice installer enabling one to have multiple versions of internet explorer running side by side (dating back to IE 3.0!) or alternatively, you can download the standalone versions. NICE!

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      I loaded it on 2 computers

      by boneyfish ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I haven’t had any problems. I’m running XP Home on both units,1 desktop and 1 laptop. It’s been great for me.

      • #3218020

        Similar story for me.

        by rjstephan ·

        In reply to I loaded it on 2 computers

        I installed it on 2 XP Home machines, the installs went smoothly I so far I have no complaints. However, I must admit that I have not used it extensively and Firefox is my preferred (and default) browser.

    • #3218105

      Like it so far…

      by sand63 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I downloaded it a week ago. No problems so far. I support a GIS department and the zoom feature is great for a little enhanced map viewing. I haven’t learned all the bells and whistles yet but so far it hasn’t let me down. Use a test machine if skeptical.

    • #3218094

      Been Testing It For About a Month Now

      by rkuhn040172 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I never downloaded the Beta (I don’t like Betas) but did download IE 7.0 the day it went live.

      No problems here. All company web apps work just fine.

      As far as those complaining about cosmetics, get over it. FF changes cosmetically from time to time too.

      IE 7.0 has much better security and some nice features like tabbed browsing, phishing filter, addons, etc.

      I would test it first though as it handles Active X much differently now. But you should test any new version of software regardless of who makes it.

      Lastly, throughly scan any PC for malware before installing IE 7.0. Most problems I’ve seen have been related to someone installing it on top of a malware infested PC. But that again applies to other pieces of software as well.

      Most important…test IE 7.0 and FF 2.0 and make the “right” decision for you. Too many on TR are way to biased nowadays one way or the other.

      Blind faith in anything is bad.

      • #3218029

        “Blind faith in anything is bad…”

        by lon.gibson ·

        In reply to Been Testing It For About a Month Now

        I have been using IE7 at home on a desktop and a laptop running XP Home and at work running XP Pro. No problems to date.

        I also use Opera and FF at home. Absolutely love Opera over all other browsers but do find web pages that require plugins that IE7 handles just fine.

        I wish someone would post the address of one of these web sites that they supposedly are having problems with…I haven’t found one yet.

        And as rickk said, “Too many on TR are way to biased nowadays…”

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      by dkearney ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      This has got to be the worst version of IE yet. It is virtually useless. How can MS release a product like this knowing it is so buggy? Stay with Firefox.

      • #3217991

        Would You Like to Share w/ the Class?

        by rkuhn040172 ·

        In reply to Unusable

        Just exactly what those bugs are that you speak of?

        What version did you try? Final release or beta?

        “Virtually useless” are strong words for someone like me who has been using it for almost a month now…problem free.

    • #3218054

      IE 7

      by iron_mann_2002 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I downloaded and now I’m back to IE 6 IE 7 doesn’t work with all web site.

    • #3218045

      In a word…. Yes

      by jim s. ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      If you are in the IT support business, the company you work for uses IE, then yes download it, test it and then determine if you will do a complete roll out on all of your systems. You should do this before any users do it before you, that way you know what to expect.

      As for the ones that are singing the praises of firefox…. whatevah! it has it’s problems just like anything else, on my part I do not like it because it causes me headaches on certain websites, but that has more to do with my firewall config then the program, and no I’m not going to change my firewall setting to support it so don’t bother.

      and yes, Microsoft is the “evil” empire, but it has provided you with a living; now hasn’t it.

    • #3218016

      I downloaded IE7, and I’m not wild about it

      by sese ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Not wild about IE7, I spend a lot of time on line doing research, and this version is cumberson so far…not like I have a lot of time to play with it

    • #3218014

      Depends on your expectations

      by dereko ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      There’s no such thing as all the benefits of the newest and latest without some risk or trade-offs.

      I have IE7 and for the most part I like it. I have found it does not work completely well with all Web-enabled consoles I have to administer. That is not entirely Microsoft’s fault. The beta’s and development materials have been around long enough that responsible companies like Symantec, Novell, McAfee and others could have done their necessary development by now to for the most part support the use of IE7.

      But as often happens companies don’t start spending the development and testing dollars until their customers are screaming at them AFTER something like IE7 is already prodcution.

      95% of our custom built web enabled apps still work and I’m sure that IE7 is not the only problem with the one we are having difficulties on.

      There are some good benefits of IE7. And something still missing.

      Just know what you’re getting into and don’t expect 100% and blame MS when you don’t get it. Things aren’t that simple.

      I suggest installing it for testing and learning on one non-mission-critical unit. Than wait until a week or two after MS begins deploying IE7 through the Automatic Updates. By then sufficient usage by the world in general should work out most of the minor bugs on pages and such.

      – D.

    • #3217996

      IE7 — download or wait?

      by dnsb ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I’ve installed IE7 and Firefox2 on half a dozen systems here for testing. So far, neither had come up with any showstoppers though I’ve had to do some tweaking for various secure sites, mostly where IE and Firefox complained about certificates.

      Neither has shown any serious problems though I’m not recommending that any other users upgrade unless there is a compelling reason. We are using virus/spyware scanning at both the workstation and firewall level.

      If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

    • #3217994

      Kind of slow

      by onbliss ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I downloaded it last week, as I was downloading Fx 2. Fx is my primary browser, though I use IE often. I thought IE7 was little sluggish.

    • #3217983

      Take it for a test drive first.

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Tabbed Browsing etc… are highly desirable features which would make it seem to be a no brainer, but I recommend you test with your web-apps first before you commit. We have found some apps that don’t play well in IE7. AS a result we are holding off on deployment.

    • #3217973

      restore point?

      by super scooter ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Not sure if you haven’t gotten enough replies but I would just create a restore point download IE7 and if i didn’t like it i would just go back to that point but i would make sure i didn’t download any other files that i would need to keep during that period.It shouldn’t take long if you want to keep IE7 or not but i would just stick with Firefox is my opinion.

      • #3217916

        well I did finally download IE7

        by rednksweetpea ·

        In reply to restore point?

        and yes it is slow a tad and Im still getting a few errors here and there, nothing major. It does work great however in the long run so far.

    • #3225949

      Go for it . . . I’ve been running it for months.

      by mmurphy ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I haven’t had any problems whatsoever with IE7. I used the beta version for months without much issue either.

    • #3225899

      Hyperlinks in Outlook Express

      by marct ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Could no longer make a link contained in an e-mail open in IE7. Spent 30 min with Microsoft tech and couldn’t fix so went back to IE6. At least I know where everything is.

      • #2515560

        Hyperli nk do not open :- solution

        by utkarsh_vish ·

        In reply to Hyperlinks in Outlook Express

        Follow this link
        1 :-

        this sis a registry file save it on the computer it will update the registry and u will be able to open the weblinks or else

        2 :- installed the IE 7 in safe mode with n/w :- then try again

        3 :- if the step donot work then try this
        click start — > my computer — > tools menu –> folder options — > locate url:hypertext transfer protocol –> click advanced –> it will open a window –> select open — > edit — > in the option aplication used to perform action –> at the end u will find ” -nohome” change this value and make it %1

        – repeat the same step for url:hypertext transfer protocol privacy

        – close all window

        – open the IE 7 :- it will ask you to makeit a default browser — > click on no and try again

        – try the solution

        – U V (Utkarsh Vishwakarma)

    • #3225868

      Only if you want a headache

      by brian.colon ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Don’t do it. I downloaded the IE 7.0 update and let it run through it’s paces while I was at work. When I came home I had a message about IE 7 not installing properly see log to fix. Well I rebooted since I had other updates that had downloaded and wanted to implement those. After the reboot my explore.exe file kept erroring out! I couldn’t even bring up in safe mode. Fortunatly I had down a backup the night before and was able to get everything back in order, but needless to say having to reload and reconfigure my computer was not fun. I have FF 2.0 which has it’s own set of problem, but no where as serious as the one I had with IE 7.0.

    • #3225862

      Some options for you

      by thephpdeveloper ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Unless your computer is prepared in such a way that if it crashes, you are still able to troubleshoot without any problems. Also, IE7 lags on slow computers. IE7 also copied ideas from Firefox, though Mozilla proved to Microsoft they can do better in Firefox v2.

      So if you are ready for the BETAs and all that, why not?

      But if you are not ready, don’t think about it. And if your computer is delicated to work, please, for god’s sake, don’t install IE7.

    • #3225781

      Watch Compatibility

      by jbalding ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I downloaded IE7 and it works great. There was a compatibility problem with an older version of Quickbooks (2004). Had to upgrade to 2007. I wonder if there are other compatibility issue. Check it out before downloading.

    • #3225733

      Still full of holes

      by rskowron ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I’m not sure about the final release as I haven’t decided to interrupt my xurrent configuration again. However, I did run IE7’s last pre-release beta test version for nearly a month.

      A very irritating problem was IE7’s propensity to freeze up when accessing content. No Stop button or downright Browser Window shutdown had any impact. At times had to get into Task Manager and just stop the process. In looking at the process, it appeared to be in a runaway mode rapidly filling memory. Needless to say it was also chewing up a goddly part of the CPU cycles during these situations. Something that I never had happen in IE 6.

      I also found that again IE7 would give the dreaded “IE has caused a problem and must shutdown” message way too often.

      I really did like the new interface, tabbed browsing, and general functionality but too many issues for me yet.

      Still using IE6 and will till 7 gets a bit more seasoned and patched.

    • #3225717

      Had to roll-back 16 IE7 installs today

      by kenton.r ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Techinically, the problem I experienced (end-users having to do configuration gymnastics to correctly print from an pop-up window used with a specific website) isn’t IE7’s fault. The website acts funky under Firefox and Opera, too. It was just lazy web design (works fine under IE 6, time to go home).

      We don’t hit that website very often, but when we do it’s usually a time-sensitive operation. I rolled back to avoid getting after-hours phone calls from frentic users telling me they’re losing money because of my upgrade to IE7.

      My laptop has IE7 on it, the site has been informed of the problem, and I’ll re-install when the problem goes away.

    • #3226291

      Treat it just like any other MS product

      by puterfx ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Just wait until their product has been on the market long enough for it to have been patched and tweaked enough to be usable. Although, when it gets to that point, they’ll be getting ready to release a new product to replace the one that is working adequately. It’ll be awhile before I allow IE7 on my network, and even longer before I install Vista.

      • #3226160

        treat it like other M$ products

        by thephpdeveloper ·

        In reply to Treat it just like any other MS product

        hmms… this maybe a good point because if there is any trouble you can approach help from Microsoft.

        However keep in mind that BETAs and release candidates do not have support provided.

    • #3226286

      Have all others tried it or just heared about?

      by hotempered ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I am already working through the IE7 and it seems fine in all aspects. But you need a day or so to accustom yourself to the placement of some buttons and menues. That’s all. It is fine, and it is a new interesting experience.

      • #3226243

        Most Just Hear About It

        by rkuhn040172 ·

        In reply to Have all others tried it or just heared about?

        The anti-Microsoft rhetortic is that bad nowadays.

        I have tested it against all our enterprise apps and nothing so far has been broken.

        I have installed on several desktops and all is fine.

        I’m testing it on my SBS 2003 server today and so far so good.

        • #3226169

          My personal experience

          by dlauxx ·

          In reply to Most Just Hear About It

          I strongely disagree with you about the “ant-Microsoft” mindset, I myself and my family have been using Microsoft product since Windows 3.1, then Windows 95, 98, ME and now XP. For Microsoft applications, I used Word 6.0 and all the way now MS Office XP Professional. I can say I am a Microsoft fan, actually, or do I have any other options not using Microsoft?

          For Internet security, I don’t think Microsoft is doing well, instead Microsoft’s Windows always gives “impression” that the system is vulnerable to threats like hacking, worms, virus etc (I used impression in order not to get into law suit). Who else does not agree?

          What good is Microsoft at Internet security? Not tHe basics like anti-virus, firewall, and nor the anti-spy-ware? I don’t rely on the firewall built in Windows XP Pro; there is no anti-Virus components from Microsoft, and the Windows Defender is still at beta stage. So I use Symantec Norton Internet Security 2005 Professional and it works fine for me.

          Now with regard to IE7, I installed it and I have message about “not compatible with Symantec product” (can’t remember exactly the wordings), I called Symantec and got confirmed that. What else can I do if I want to use the best of the best? To continue to use WinXP and Norton Internet Security 2005, I need to revert back to IE6, simple.

          Did you try IE7 with Norton product installed, in particular the NIS, Rickk? If so, glad that you could share with rest of us.

          For myself, nothing anti-Microsoft but I rather continue to use IE6 (it is still a MS product). until either Symantec or Microsoft has the resolution to the issue.

        • #3226075

          Didn’t Test NIS 2005

          by rkuhn040172 ·

          In reply to My personal experience

          Did test on Symantec AV 10 though and AVG with no problems.

          I prefer AVG as it is a solid product and FREE, however, we use Symantec’s AV at work for its central management features.

    • #3223724


      by steffi28 ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      I personally prefer FF2 (god that reminds me of Final Fantasy lol)
      But my husband prefers IE7.
      I think its each to their individual taste whatever works best for you.

    • #3202339

      Forget IE7 Get MOZILLA FIREFOX

      by cewallace ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      Firefox 2.0 is DA BOMB!!!!
      After you install Firefox spend a little time and get some of the free add-ons.
      I have no use for IE now that I have used FIREFOX 2.0

    • #3202336

      If In Doubt

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to Should I download IE 7 or wait?

      If you have doubts about IE7,you may want to download and use on a test system,this would give you the oppurtunity to see what it has to offer and how you would be helpful to give feedback about potential bugs.
      The bottom line is to follow your gut,leave it alone if you are not willing to take a risk.

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