Should I get my masters degree?

By barissener ·
I am currently half way through my bachelor's degree in IT. I already started thinking if I should get my master's or not. I am studying in George Mason, and they have an accelerated master's program, which you can complete in 1 year. Some people say it is all about the experience so I should start working as soon as I graduate, but some people say master's will help me reach job titles that will be hard to reach only with a bachelor's degree. Also, some people are telling me to get my master's in business. I have no idea what is best or what I should follow. Can you guys help me out please?


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Sounds like a catch 22. But if i were you i would go for it

Any studying is a good thing even if you miss out on the experience for a short time, the knowledge that you will have picked up from college will be justice enough, So go for it and good luck. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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Peconet Tietokoneet said it right

by nepenthe0 In reply to Should I get my masters d ...

If you have the intellectual skills and eagerness for graduate studies, there is no better time than the present. As your responsibilities increase and life becomes more complicated, it becomes much harder to break free and resume your studies.

So even if you must accept some additional indebtedness, go for the post-graduate degree. Employment opportunities come and go, but a chance to acquire a first class education is generally a once-in-a-lifetime proposition.

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Try to avoid being branded as a Professional Student ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Should I get my masters d ...

It's all very well to sit somewhere with M.D. after your name, thinking that years upon years in University won't do you any harm - it won't because it can't if you HAVE to do those years before you qualify in ANYTHING.

A Master's is quite another matter: consider your peers that do not go for the Master's, because by the time you qualify with it, they could well be your Boss even although you are supposedly better qualified. No matter what qualification you leave higher education with, it only stands as proof that you can memorise something and then regurgitate it when required. The workplace is an entirely different environment, requiring you to exercise and employ a completely new skillset to what you have learned up to that point.

No matter what your qualifications you will start as a junior until you can be assessed. Then there will be criteria you must adhere to, deadlines to be coped with, interaction with colleagues (some of whom you may even dislike), interpersonal working relationships to be forged and above all you will have to justify what you are being paid for your contribution to the Company.

While you are achieving your Master's, your peers from a year ago will be climbing the corporate ladder, then you will arrive a year later - at the same place down the ladder that they were at last year.

I qualified after 3 years, then did my Post Graduate year after 20 years. First class education doesn't have to come as a package deal. But life does.

Your choice.

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That's a hard one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Should I get my masters d ...

Having amsters might get you at the top of the queue for a starter position, it will rarely increase your salary initially though.

A year to get it just might be worth it, but don't expect it to add $ to your first pay packet, more like giving you a better chance at having one.

An MBA is not going to hurt, particularly if you have management aspirations, as opposed to inherrently technical ones.

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