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Should I get the new IPhone or an IPad

By pamelag44 ·
My husband loves the new IPhone and wants me to get one. I am leaning towards the IPad 2 or maybe wait for the IPad 3. Which would be more practical to get? I like the fact that the IPad is of course larger and more like a computer and I believe you can talk to each other on both. Anyone have any suggestions?

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A few things to think about first....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Should I get the new IPho ...

The Ipad does not fit into your pocket (unless you have a big handbag).
The Iphone (if you want to get it) will suit you better being that it is more portable that the Ipad. The choice is yours really.

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by ARandomPenguin In reply to Should I get the new IPho ...

well, it all depends on your preferences and needs.
Questions, What do i need it for?
Can it be done with both? (if yes, which is more practical).
Note, iphones are like computers aswell as ipads.
Talk aboutit with your husband, see why he favours the iphone and why you favour the ipad then remember that YOU will be using it.
No point pleasing him when he isnt the one using it, but thats just MOP

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go to the store and try both

by markp24 In reply to Should I get the new IPho ...

Hi i suggest you go to the store (or borrow your friends) for a few hours, see which one does what you want, and which you more compfortable with , I have had both senarios where a friend whanted the ipad, but then when she used it at the store for the iphone to be better for her needs (she just wanted the ipad cause it was the "new accessory" we found out later)
And i have had the revers where someone wanted the iphone, but found that when shoing opictures the ipad was better for his clients (photographer)

so agree with the otherposts, it really depends on what you want to do,

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by pc boss In reply to Should I get the new IPho ...

the reason why I picked the ipad over the iphone is because of it's size. I can see the screen clearly and it is easier for me to type on it. For me, typing on the iphone is uncomfortable.

Ipad2 has all of the apps that the iphone has.

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