Should i let my laptop on a whole night ??

By nhokboo_vs.kooly ·
Well, i m a newbie in using laptop. last week i just bought an ASUS G1S and of my work i have to turn it on whole night <only download things sometimes>. So could i let it on whole night or have to turn it off just before i go to bed?? and does it affect the life time of the batterie as well as my laptop??

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Depends on usage

by mjd420nova In reply to Should i let my laptop on ...

It depends on whether you have it plugged into the adapter or not. If it is on battery power alone, a once a week draining of the battery is good for it. If you run it on the adapter, you could run it forever, even with the battery pulled out. Care must be taken to insure adequate ventilation is provided to prevent overheating.

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I rarely turn my laptop off

by Tig2 In reply to Should i let my laptop on ...

Even when I used Windows. Now I have some automated tasks that happen between 12 midnight and 3 a.m.

With Windows, the worst that will happen is that it will decide to hibernate while you are downloading something. And you may need to reboot in the morning. Other than that, there is no requirement that you shut it down.

Make sure it is running on wall power, not the battery.

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