Should I make new Recovery discs?

By skrish49 ·
I have an HP Pavilion PC with Windows Vista OS. The computer crashed with a blue screen appearing on any command. The hard-disk based Recovery did not work. I used external Recovery discs which I had earlier made as suggested in the hp "Quick Reference" manual. The computer is now operational.

I understand that one computer can have only one set of Recovery disks.

My question is the following:

Having used the set of Recovery discs once , do I have to create a new set of Recovery disks for use during a possible future crash? Or, will the current [once used] Recovery disks work again in the event of another Recovery being needed?

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Your recovery CDs

by Sue T In reply to Should I make new Recover ...

will work again. It is never a bad idea to have a second set though in case one gets damaged. though if that did happen you could always buy a set from HP.

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by mark.railton In reply to Should I make new Recover ...

There is no need to make a new set because you have used them once. Just because a computer can only have one set of recovery media created, does not mean that the media is for one use only.

I rarely create the media, but one time when i did, I used it several times as I was testing alot of different stuff on the system.

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Only thing I have to add

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Should I make new Recover ...

Is that Recorded Optical Media is not permanent so if you are not storing it correctly and keeping it away from direct sunlight then yes you should make another set.

Not because they will be different to the first set but because the Dyes on the Optical Media will be newer and less likely to have suffered any Ultraviolet Fading yet.


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IT Industry

by sjumani123 In reply to Should I make new Recover ...

If you feel uncomfortable with your recovery discs, then order them from HP. For a small cost you can get the actual discs they supply. Your computer might have one or two options for creating recovery media. Use the option that is most convenient for you. Creating a recovery disc can be an involved process, but it is made easier with the use of free online software utilities.
IT Industry

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When I got my HP PC a few years ago I created the Recovery disks. When I had to use them they wouldn't work. Luckily I hadn't removed the recovery partition from the hard drive. I was finally able to get it to work after 3 tries. I eventually bought the recovery disks from HP. They worked just fine when my hard drive died,

So I agree that making a few sets of recovery disks is not a bad idea, I would just make sure they're stored properly.

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