Should I reformat new HDD

By jasonemmg ·
Just purchased a Dell i660 with a 1TB HDD and an internal HDD to add once computer is up and running.

I'm thinking of formatting the HDD to remove all the extra programs Dell and others install that I do not really want or plan on using once I do my initial backup..

Is it really necessary to go through this time consuming process or just uninstall the programs via Control Panels Uninstall Program option?


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Depends on what you want here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Should I reformat new HDD

If you uninstall the software it will not all be removed and may leave some instances of itself in the system which results in the system being pointed to no longer present commands or similar which may result in it slowing down.

No matter what you never completely remove everything related to software that has been installed. If you want as clean as possible the best way is to wipe and reload with only the software that you actually want installed.


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by jasonemmg In reply to Should I reformat new HDD

Basically I want to remove all the trial software that comes pre-installed.
I already have a good Anti-Virus, anit-malware, etc. to be installed so I want McAfee OFF my new PC.

The computer includes Office 2010 starter, can I backup the install files then reinstall later on?

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Reponse To Answer

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Re:

Please remember that most Dell systems come with some specialised hardware drivers for some odd hardware they picked up somewhere, and you may not be able to get them from somewhere else. Also, the older Dells had a partition to rebuild the system from, while most of the modern Dells require you to make a rebuild CD or you don't get one at all. The rebuild CD will usually reload all the trial software as well, so a rebuild from it often puts you back where you started from; this is because it's usually an image of the system as it shipped from the factory.

Another thing to remember is that the version of Windows you get on most Dells is NOT the full Windows, but a version trimmed just for their system.

If you wish to load the another version of Windows or some other operating system that you have a legal copy of, then the best option is to reformat the drive and load the new copy and not the original. But please make your back up copies first, and please check to make sure you have all the suitable drivers you need as well.

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