Should I take an lower paying helpdesk or an higher paying SEO job?

By pood.forums ·
Alright, I'm kind of at a crossroads.

I've got 2 offers. 1 is a helpdesk that pays around 17.50/hr (i have ZERO experience), but I've been wanting to get into IT. I've been there the last couple days, most of the time, you answer in-house calls for about 750 end users. Little active directory (that I know a bit of), rest is mostly just helping ppl with windows xp and office problems. I've noticed that maybe they actively work for 60%-70% time, rest is just surfing and waiting. This job is a 4 month contract.

The other choice, is for SEO, where I have over an year exp and this will be a very involved high leveled job that pays 40k+ that has all the benefits and 401k, with lots of potential for growth. Lots of flexibility as when i should work, just get my stuff done, that's what matters. Still have high interest, I still plan to do it when I'm not doing IT at home.

In the future, I plan on getting into IT (looking into Linux admin, assuming I don't start my own web startup, heh

I do plan on studying for a MCSE right now and then Linux. I can still ditch the helpdesk job and go for the SEO. Should I take the SEO job while I work on the MCSE or try to get some experience doing something really boring?

Do you think I can get an IT job off the bat if I have 3-4 years of non-admin-IT experience with an MCSE + Linux+/LPIC or will those few month of helpdesk be that useful?

The SEO job gives me a more time at home to study WHILE the helpdesk job I usually end up being super tired when I get home because I have to get up at 6 am and get home by 6pm. Although, I guess I can study for the MCSE while I wait around.

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Things are never simple...

by scott_heath In reply to Should I take an lower pa ...

I would factor in multiple things: How old are you? Do you have kids? Do you need money for something? Can you be personally satisfied in the SEO job?

If you are young with no kids, pursue the technical path for less money. Work hard and get certified and you'll make more. You never know when another tech opening will come up. Especially if the company has good opportunities do to size and locations.

If you have responsiblities that need the cash flow now, then take the job with more cash and benefits. Sometimes we have to sacrifice personally to make sure our family is secure. had to let go of a great opportunity last year because it just wasn't secure enough for a guy with a wife and 3 kids. Turns out the job I took ended up being awesome and I think things have turned out better.

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young and free

by pood.forums In reply to Things are never simple.. ...

I'm 23, I do have an BA (in finance).

Have about 5-6 years of design/dev using xhtml/CSS.

I'm doing coding right now in Ruby/RoR. Very entrepreneurial, have always been, ideally, I want to run my own projects and live off of them, I have before, but I made the mistake of slacking off/not and it died.

The IT idea came to me when I was looking at hte state of the SEO (search engine optimization) market, it might not last a life time as IT may. I wanted IT for a failsafe if my plans don't work out.

I've been talking to some of my friends the last hour, and I'm thinking I might go do the SEO job while I slowly collect certificates till the day that either I'm bored or SEO dies. I'm just scared companies not hire me if I don't have real world IT experience even though I have certificates.

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Drop the helpdesk

by dilshards In reply to Should I take an lower pa ...

Take it form someone with experience, drop the help desk position. IF you have any other offers avoid call center type jobs at all costs. IF your SEO position give you the time to work on your MCSE - perfect.

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