Should I upgrade my network switches to smart or managed switches?

By ddemuth78 ·
All of my current switches are D-LINK DGS-1024D cheapies. All the clients (125 total) are set to Autonegotiate. I don't know much about the details of networking so I'm not sure what kind of performance impact (if any), upgrading to managed or smart switches would make on my network, as is.

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Ummm....Lag is an understatement

by robo_dev In reply to Should I upgrade my netwo ...

For starters, if the switches can only do half-duplex, then switch the firewall settings to match that. Duplex mismatch results in SEVERE performance loss.

Running at half-duplex is roughly half the speed of full duplex, since data is moving in one direction only. A mismatch means one device transmits, times out, retransmits, times, out, etc. etc.

Full duplex gig delivers something like 800 Mbps, while half delivers around 400 Mbps.

If you are running duplex-mismatched gigabit ethernet currently, upgrading your switches will make a very big difference. If you could fix the duplex mismatch, that will solve most of the problem.

Keep in mind, by the way, that if the connection to the Internet is only 6MBS, then the speed of the switch uplink does not matter, as long as it's greater or equal to 6MBS.

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Depends on your goal

by scott_heath In reply to Should I upgrade my netwo ...

I looked up that model D-LINK and it appears to be a decent gigabit switch. Moving to a managed switch gives you more versatility in a complex environment, which you may not need.

If all of your systems, including servers, are on the same network, and your company is not under the guidelines of PCI or SOX, then who cares.

Now, I could tell you some nifty stuff you could do, but it probably wouldn't be worth your money.

I suggest you buy and read Tod Lammle's CCNA study book. Yes, it's Cisco oriented, but all f the networking concepts will apply,

Scott Heath

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