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Should I use seperate switches for VOIP and Data?

By cjharrison ·
Would there be a benefit to using different switches for our VOIP phones and the rest of our network? We are a small business with 20 workstations and 20 phones. I am looking to upgrade our switch, and would prefer to order (1) 48 port Gig POE, but would consider two separate if makes a difference. I would rather not have to worry about VLAN's or using the managed switch to separate things out.
Thanks in advance!

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by highlander718 In reply to Should I use seperate swi ...

but even more, normally IP phones are acting like switches themselfes. You have 2 RJ45 ports on them (1 for incoming network, and one outgoing where you plug in the PC). This way you only need to use one port on the switch and one socket on the wall for a phone and a PC. Are your phones not like this ?

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re: Should I use seperate switches for VOIP and Data?

by goldrnr In reply to Should I use seperate swi ...

No, in such a small environment you could happily be running your phones and other devices in the same ip-space or vlan.

There are however many considerations to make, for example if the pbx talks dhcp to it's phones to handover parameters you could perhaps consider investing in a managed switch to seperate the voip from the other-clients environment. Also, if you expect your network to grow, it's better to do it right at start and design your network for growth.

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