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Should I wait for the 2006 A+ Exam

By dinotech ·
Should I wait for the new exam or just take the A+. I've been so busy with technical work that I haven't had time to think about the A+ As stated in a previous post, I want to look at taking certifications again. CompTia has introduced its new curriculum that will be in effect after December 2006. The 2003 curriculum will be available through December, but I wonder if I sell myself short on the experience of the 2006 exams.

Or does it matter?

I pose the same question for all certifications.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Should I wait for the 200 ...

I already have my A+ and was looking at the updated cert wondering if it was worth re-certifying. I doubt I will do it, but it DOES look like the new set of A+ certs (PC tech, remote tech and Depot Tech) are more relevant to the different tech roles out there. I would probably wait and then do whichever version of the new cert that applies to your job (PC tech if you do direct onsite support, remote tech if you're in a helpdesk or phone-support role etc). The 2003 exam is getting kind of dated and it would probably be worth it to wait a couple months to get certified on more up-to-date stuff.

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Update and IT are a constant

by dinotech In reply to Well,...

I think it would be better to wait. From what I understand in reading the certifications you can get certified in one speciality and then get certified in another.

I can see Dell, Gateway, and HP taking the Depot test and injecting some of their proprietary exam questions for certifying depot techs that work on contract repair.

There are a lot of options with the new test.
CompTIA does a good job of keeping the content current. If I remember correctly, a post on TechRepublic stated that the life of a PC Technician is ending. I think it is beginning and the role is expanding into Telecommunications.

So, the next revision of A+ should be adding a Telecom exam to the list of specialties.

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Update and IT are a const ...

Didn't CompTIA just launch a Convergence+ cert that deals with Telecom and Networking convergence? I wear a bunch of hats in our organization including PBX and Exchange/messaging administration, I figure a cert that deals with how to integrate these technologies might be useful.

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