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Should IT folks be marketing proficient?

By toni.bowers ·
Do you think it would be advantageous for an IT manager to be marketing savvy? Would this help align IT more with business?

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some what

by rooster In reply to Should IT folks be market ...

In a team - all parties should understand to top layer because with out sales and marketing there is no job. Everyone should understand a client's project so as to solve the problem for the marketing dept. and to be sure it work for the IT side. only then does the whole team win. I have found this very hard because of most people think the lose time and money not reviewing things that mean nothing to them. When everyone open up with input the team wins>

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Management level skills

by generalist In reply to Should IT folks be market ...

If you're at the management level of IT, you should know at least a little about all aspects of the business. More and more, IT is the nervous system of business and needs to make sure that the connectivity between different function centers is as efficient and effective as it can be.

Since marketing is an essential part of any successful business, having some degree of market savvy is useful. You don't have to be an expert, but you do have to know enough to be able to work with marketing when their needs intersect IT's domain.

As an aside, marketing savvy can also help promote IT when the accounts start using the budget axe. But instead of promoting the business, you are promoting the IT department.

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Well duh

by Cactus Pete In reply to Should IT folks be market ...

All managers need that to some extent. And every employee for a company has the same ultimate goal: make money for the company. Knowing how things work should be expected.

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Consulting Function in IT

by rpowell333 In reply to Should IT folks be market ...

IT Organizations having a marketing function or consultancy, tend to have a clear understanding of the business of clients and their most pressing issues. This places them in the unique position to identify technology solutions that directly solve the client's business issues. This in turn leads to alignment of technology strategy with business strategy, and optimizes IT spending.

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IT & Marketing

by ShrekMarketing In reply to Consulting Function in IT

IT as you all are aware of can be the catalyst in a successful marketing campaign. In my organization I am the IT & Internet Marketing director. I handle all things IT, web design included and such as that nature is, you need to have an understanding of marketing. There really is no way around it, unless you have an organization large enough to segment specific duties to specific departments. I don't see that as a smart business decision though. You need to have ownership become a part of the process.

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