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Should IT pros start looking for non-IT careers

By Tired_of_MCSEs ·
The future is bleak, but not because there are too few jobs and a market flooded with skilled techs. It's a market flooded with worthless techs.

These clowns lie about their abilities, worry only about how much they make (which is never enough for them and way too much in reality) but never concern themselves with increasing their knowledge and to top it off: provide *CRAP* customer service. You'd think it would be a no brainer, but nobody wants to be the bad guy and voice their complaints, so their managers are none the wiser. If another IT guy complains, well, he/she is a troublemaker and therefore must be killed. (Our admin wont even clean the filthy servers that were rained on when our roof leaked (looks like mud), even after being told multiple times that it is corrosive to electronic components....4 weeks and counting....and he still has a job? Eph that!

As a 12 year network and security admin...I'm looking elsewhere.

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by ccollins In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

Fraudsters in IT **** me off mightily too, which is why I think interview styles are changing. The interviews I went to recently focussed quite heavily on written and verbal communication, and the use of probationary periods has increased. Proper industry accreditation (like the British Computer Society over here) is the only way forward. You can get the answers to MCSE exams on the net.

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I have news for can get the answers to ANY exam on the net..

by TomSal In reply to Charlatans

I hear you both loud and I am one of those frustrated IT guys as well...but in all fairness to the "INTENDED" purpose of the certs (MS and otherwise) don't blame the certs for the low ethics and laziness of people on the 'net who leak answers and braindumps....the vendors of the certs can't control that 100%.

Passing exams and knowing the material are not related IMHO....following that logic...anyone in charge of hiring admins/IT folks and they have half a brain cell will be able to tell quite fast if the "certified" tech they got really knew the material or just got the answers off a website.

Just like women can't fake it... --- no one can fake knowledge when you are left alone in the real world.

So while it gets on my nerves (I myself a MCSE; certified YEARS *after* I was already doing the "MCSE" duties by the way) -- don't get overly upset by it...people are just kidding theirself in the long run if they think cheating is the way into a successful IT career. They'll get theirs.

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I absolutely agree - I am looking for real engineers in Charleston, SC

by rswanson In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

Greetings fellow Technicians,

I am the owner of a small business in Charleston, South Carolina. I have been in business since 1998 and have seen many technicians come and go.

The grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. I think that highly skilled service engineers are still in great demand. We are turning work away because we have a shortage of skilled engineers that can and are willing to do the work required to resolve complex site issues.

The problem is that there are a lot of engineers that have had cushy jobs at the big fancy buildings and have forgot what a real hard (but rewarding $) days work consists of. There are no quick jumps to the senior engineer position. It takes lots of hard work and the stuff you learn at 3am means more than any instructor, exam, college or university can teach you.

I am constantly looking for good feild engineers so if anyone is trying to find work please come visit our beautiful town and talk with me to get started.

Roger Swanson - CTO & President
Computer Network Enterprises, Inc.
Charleston, SC
843-8210-4356 (for comments)

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I agree, it is about integrity and process

by dadavis5th In reply to I absolutely agree - I am ...

I think there are many good IT people, but far more who don't know hex from binary. I have worked 20 years without certifications or a degree and believe it is about constantly learning by doing and following the logic to resolve problems. I think the greatest weakness of many IT people is they waste alot of time before they make a call to a specialist or to bounce the symptoms off of someone else. I am amazed at the lack of process and basic problem skills of many IT people. It is not about knowing everything, it is about knowing what to ask and where to find the answer in the least amount of time.
Alston Davis

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It doesn't matter

by jdmercha In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

IT is my second career. It doesn't matter what business you are in, all companies are filled with incompetent people. Stick with what makes you happy, or more money.

I do believe that there are plenty of highly skilled, intelligent IT people out there. The bigger problem is that IT is such a wide field that you can't know it all. And companies are unwilling to train anyone, or pay enough to get the highly skilled ones.

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Max's feelings about the US...

by h_p_hayes In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

Notwithstanding my examination...

I'm going to offshore myself to a nice little EU nation and wait out the next four years watching America shoot itiself in the foot.

I'm lucky, I can.

Frankly, I'm kind of glad for the downturn. Without it I'd be sitting around making large dollars but only getting to travel for three or four weeks a year.

Somehow, I see working a "crappy support job" or whatever as wonderful if it means I can answer the question, "What did you do this weekend?" with
"Me? I went to the Louvre." or "Spent it in Venice." or "Went to London."

I'm making lemonade. Man am I thirsty!

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Going for the gusto!

by BFilmFan In reply to Max's feelings about the ...

We all want postcards! And none of the beap ones either, as we are all professionals and deserve the glossy ones!

And I've advised several friends that the IT field is much like being in a hunter/gatherer society. You have to go where the work is. You can't expect anything other than weeds to grow under your feet if you remain in one place hoping work comes your way.

In the last 5 years, I've lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, Illinois, Detroit, Atlanta and now Jacksonville, Florida. All of the positions have been interesting, growth opportunities. In the same period of time, I've had friends that have remained in Atlanta and are still seeking employment.

And be sure to hit the Czech replublic while you are over there. If you like "American-friendly" citizens, historic buildings and cheap prices, you'll find the place wonderful.

Best of luck with the lemonade!

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Yes and No

by weissbornjobs In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

Nothing like being decisive, eh?

Eight years ago, I would have considered it unusual if I didn't get at least one call from a recruiter a day. Today, after having my resume out there for almost six months I get two calls from different recruiters. Both want me for contract job of 1-3 months and both want me to work for at least 50% of what I am making now. Oh, both really like my experience (24yrs as an system-admin, network-admin, 5yrs as Sybase DBA, 8yrs of customer-service and tech-advistor to sales-teams. But both say, "Gee, we really like you but can't you work for less...."

Try asking that next time you are in your doctor's office.

So my point is that if you are willing to work for little to no money, then stay in the field. If not, move to something else.

The simple fact of the matter is that today, management entities see these various IT positions as a commodity. Not as a valuable business resource and/or tool. Until that changes, we are all gonna suffer.

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Interesting !!!

by seanc In reply to Yes and No

The simple fact is that IT is an overhead. It does not generate revenue but rather the opposite. However, without all the things that IT facilitate, a business will literally die. This has always been the case but still the IT industry was booming with the dot com years etc..It's only 9/11 that changed all of that. Companies started to keep an eye on every nickel and dime. They downsized every single thing that they could and guess where they went first ?.

There are still so many people out of work. The industry is getting better though. We complain that there are alot of paper techies that give us a bad name. Unfortunately, there will always be good and bad in every role.

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Get out of IT (deleted)

by Atari2600 In reply to Should IT pros start look ...

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