Should TechRepublic merge with FaceBook?

By Beothuk ·
I read and contribute (constructively I hope) to many of the discussions on TechRepublic.

Sometimes the level of the discussion is very good, is extremely professional and constructive.

However, there are many (too many) occasions when the "discussion" turns into a "my browser is better than your browser" or "Microsoft is crap" some such garbage like you'd expect from a couple of 8 year olds.

The "discussion" turns into the sort of thing I expect to see, in fact do see, on FaceBook.

For example, in a recent discussion (MS buying Adobe), a large number of respondents weighed in with "Microsoft is bloatware", "Microsoft is crap" etc.

They didn't contribute anything constructive, just a load of whining. Rarely were reasons given (other than "bloatware" etc) why the merger was a bad idea.

IMO, if you read a blog and have nothing to contribute other than a whine (e.g. "bloatware" etc), don't bother to post a reply.

What do others think?

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by NexS In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...
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by TobiF In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

To me, facebook and TR are very different places.

As I read your post, I get the feeling that what you really would like to have is a more granular "follow" function.

Would you be happier if you could follow or unfollow sub-threads? (e.g. watch a thread for replies to your post or unfollow the "war" in a subthread of an else-wise interesting thread?

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No Way

by ameack In reply to What?

dude this place is for geeks
In no way can this 2 be together.

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If you think there's too much whining here...

go to TR's sister site, ZDNet, where, by the way, the "blog" in regards to Microsoft merging with Adobe first appeared, and try to follow any discussion there!
Sometimes these "blog" posts are reposted here in efforts to stir the pot, nothing but flamebait. If the blogger is going to post off-the-wall opinion pieces, they should expect off-the-wall comments. If they are going to post an ariticle with rubbish, they should expect to get it thrown back.
Sometimes though, even IT needs a break from the drudgery, so I look at some of these "discussions" as a fun diversion. regards to the title of your discussion...emphatically NO! Of course, I think you were a bit sarcastic in the title, wouldn't you say? You could even catalogue your discussion as a "whine", in which case one must ask, why did you start the discussion?

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by Slayer_ In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

First step would be for TR to sell all our personal information...

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If I understand correctly

by Kenone In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

This is some one whining about other posters whining. Hmmm so, no one is allowed to whine except you? Is that your official position?

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by oldbaritone In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...
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Re: Should TechRepublic merge with FaceBook?

by Beothuk In reply to Should TechRepublic merge ...

@NexS & ameack & oldbaritone - this was in no way a serious suggestion. I was comparing the quality of some postings in TR to most I've seen in FB.

@TobiF - It's not a case of follow/un-follow or getting a more granular follow function.

@wizard57m - I agree that even IT needs abreak from drudgery, having fun diversions or a bit of humour thrown in. As I recall, the discussion that prompted my, admittedly sarcastic, question - MS buying Adobe - around 50% of the responses used the terms bloatware, crap etc. Nothing constructive about why it was a good or bad idea. If using terms like bloatware, crap etc is flamebait, then I guess I took the bait.

@kenone - I'm sorry but you don't understand correctluy. My posting was pointing out the number of comments thatoffer nothing contstructive. So, my official position is that if someone is going to join a discussion let's try to keep it constructive.

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Welcome to the internet, dude.

by seanferd In reply to Re: Should TechRepublic m ...

And FB isn't even a blip on the internet radar for flaming, arguing, stupidity, and religious wars. OK, maybe for stupidity. BBS, IRC, mailing lists/newsgroups (now there were some wars) loads of other fora, and Real (flavored) Life all share this to varying degrees.

Yeah, some of the stuff people post gets boring, fast. Unless you find the endless varieties of irrationality entertaining, or if you are a troll yourself.

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by Santee2 In reply to Welcome to the internet, ...

In all that, are wars of intellect?

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