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Should the US foot the World AID Problem - I say let Canada and France doit

By SkipperUSN ·
From the Leader of the Pedo UN -

LONDON - The United States must lead the fight against AIDS with the same commitment it shows to financing the battles against terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan said on Tuesday.

?We hear a lot about weapons of mass destruction. We hear a lot about terrorism, and we are worried about weapons of mass destruction because of their potential to kill thousands of people,? Annan said in an interview with the BBC.

?Here we have an epidemic that is killing millions. What is the response?? Annan said, calling for the United States to lead the world in devoting more funds to fighting the killer disease.

The world puts substantial sums of money into fighting terrorism and containing weapons of mass destruction to protect people, he said. ?And here we know (about AIDS), it?s not that we don?t know, we read about it, we see it around us -- where?s the international solidarity??

Why - should the US foot the world AIDs problem - no one likes us - just ask OZ-Media ... so why should we spend our money helping the world. When Annan controls his solders from having sex with 4 year old for food - then I would say - we can spend some money on World AIDS problem... As so many have pointed out in post the US is not the controlling force in the world - How about Canada and France footing this one ...

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Give your head a shake....

by Sullyman In reply to Should the US foot the Wo ...

Typical troll - Check your facts before you post dribble. Canada ranks in the top 5 globally for funding Aids and world hunger issues, based on % of national funding. The dollar amount may not be as high as the US or other countries, but the % we donate is the kicker.

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US already Gave - 14 billion

by SkipperUSN In reply to Give your head a shake... ...

US already gave 14 billion - lets see that would be about 23 Billion Canadian right...

Why Should the US pay for the world - Not anymore - You don't like our foriegn policies - or our leaders - then you mustn't like our money... so we keep it... Let the other rich countries take care of the world.

Hum - Interesting isn't it - you all don't like us when we act on terrorism - but love our money.. Sorry can't have it both ways anymore..

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You are just on a rant....

by Sullyman In reply to US already Gave - 14 bill ...

Did you even read my post before you replied, or just assume that it was anti-US. It is not, it was simple straight to the point reply of some wrong information in your original posting. But, since you have opened up the can of worms let me make a comment. Relief and charity funding go hand in hand with military action, you can have relief funding alone but when you have military action relief and charity funding acommpany it.

I think I read an article sometime in the last year or so that said that 25%-45% of the cost of a military action was relief issues, and re-building costs.

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Did someone elect Skipper?

by Oz_Media In reply to US already Gave - 14 bill ...

'...Not anymore - You don't like our foriegn policies - or our leaders - then you mustn't like our money... so we keep it... "

Perhaps you should let Bush know htat you are now deciding on Americas policies for him, it couldn't hurt I guess, even from a patriot such as yourself.

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I elected myself - I don

by SkipperUSN In reply to Did someone elect Skipper ...

I elected myself - I work within the political system - now they may not like my suggestions - but I am an American and write my congressman, Senator and President - with my suggestions.

Do You - write to the PM of Canada - and your regional representatives? Or whatever they are called just wondering if you write your elected leaders -

So I elected myself - each american can voice their ops to their senators and congressman and president - or any elected offical.. Gee thats called a Representative Republic - not a democracy ... Dam that how the US government was set up -

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by Oz_Media In reply to I elected myself - I don

My local MP is my former Science teacher so we know each other well.

As for writing our government, what for? Is there something I need changed? Everything works for me, I am not threatened, I am not stilfed, I am not restricted from anything, why would I write to our PM?

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Thats interesting

by JimHM In reply to Actually

Other posts I've read you - that there were things about the Canadian government you didn't like .. Now its all peaches and cream...

Hum - well that great - to bad we can't say the same thing south of you ...

Hey Skipper - maybe we should Imagrate to Canada...

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OYou wouldn't be able to immigrate to Canada anyway

by Oz_Media In reply to Thats interesting

we have even had americans try to claim refugee status at teh Canadian border, no go, they were sent home.

But if you really paid attention to my last post, NO I don't think our government is perfect but they stay out of my face, unlike GWB and the US government.

Our government is as screwed up as any, but they don't wage war or create enemies the way you seem to. therefor eit is all peaches and cream.

I think the main issue in Canada is that we completely ignore our government and let them do their thing, in return, they ignore us and let us get on with our lives. Now if my clients started paying me less because the government is taking too much, well then I would take appropriate cations or at least take my stand against our government, but since I was long as I've lived here anyway, they haven't changed much, NAFTA (pretty much a US thing that doesn't help us), GSt, well they ditched an 11% federal tax so the 6% GST is OK, plus low income earners get a rebate check four times a year (approx. $300.00/yr). For the most part, our government is no diferent than a bunch of accountants to most Canadians, we just let them push paper and count pennies, it makes them happy and they don't try to play cowboy or win the favour o Canadians by making great motions to improve the world. They aren't out to impress us (good because nobody's impresssed) but they aren't out to hinder us either, it's jut the government, much as many countries view their respective governments, stay out of my life, I stay out of yours, it's easy, it's quiet, we get to move on and live our lives.

This is hardly the hypocritical statement you were trying to impose on me though, they suck bobo, but I can deal with it because they don't try and play God.

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we can knock on their door

by justmakingit In reply to I elected myself - I don

Unlike America, we Canadians are able to knock on the door of our elected officals to voice our opinions, we don't have to write them.

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Very true

by Oz_Media In reply to we can knock on their doo ...

I know BC's parliment buildings are open to public most of the day, most of BC's government reps live in Vancouver or Victoria/suburbs.

They are not surrounded by armed guards or secret service (well perhaps Paul Martin is escorted by RCMP color guards). I suppose they have nothing to fear for the most part except the odd wierdo)and have nobody that cares enough to want even bother doing harm to them. In fact if Paul Martin (even though I know who he is) was to walk into 7/11 while I was there he would probably go unnoticed by meself and anyone else in the store.
He's justs a guy with a job, a working class stiff like the rest of us.

I remember seeing Campbell at a BC lions game, he was with a friend or associate not a body guard, I didn't even notive him (and nobody else seemed to) until they pointed him out on the big screen.

Nobody made a fuss, the game began and he paid for ALL his beers just like anyone else. Who the **** cares, again, just a dude with a job.

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