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Should users clean their own computers?

By tech06 ·
We have end users who routinely clean their desks, monitors, keyboards and mouse as well as those who NEVER bother to clean anything. While our IT people is responsible of cleaning the server and network equipment, should they also clean end users desktop/KB/mouse? What is norm?
We have over 100 desktops but only 1 IT stuff.

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Two ways

by mjd420nova In reply to Should users clean their ...

Some users clean their own keyboards and such,
but others want a new one rather than clean
it. I'll spend an hour making look new, and
the cost is about the same. Some users are
not aware of what winds up in their keyboards
and cleaning it in front of them usually
cures any questions about how it got that way.
Other areas are just plain DIRTY and the clear
plastic flexible overlays will help. I've
seen users touch typing on a keyboard that
was so dirty, the legends on the keycaps
were non-existant. Scratching with a nail file
revealed what key was beneath. It got
replaced, no telling what chemicals were
present..Went straight to the sh1t can.

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Some do Some Don't

by jdmercha In reply to Should users clean their ...

Some of our users will clean their computers. Some do not. If they ask, I will clean them for them or show them how to clean them. Most just don't get cleaned. Most desks around here don't get cleaned either, util it is time to replace the computer.

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I keep supplies in my briefcase

by oldbag In reply to Some do Some Don't

I usually have a couple of screen cleaning wipes, a pair of tweezers (gets staples out of keyboards) etc when I am out. This helps with minor cleaning. I make sure users know not to wipe a monitor with a damp cloth or Windex and expecially not on a flat panel. If someone complains that a mouse is not working, a cleaning will normally fix it right up.

As far as cleaning the inside of a PC, that is left to IT staff.

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it really depends...

by dawgit In reply to Should users clean their ...

on the enviroment that the users are in. If your talking a shop or mfg area, forget it. cover it or protect it, and replace when needed. But in an office? ok, then they really do need to keep it clean.

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answer depends on who you are dealing with

by tpgames In reply to it really depends...

Some people can be taught to clean properly, and others well...let's just say that User Friendly was written for them. I'd just assume save me the headache and clean those computer's whose users are cleaning illiterate rather than risk having a major repair on my hands - especially if the company I am working for is tight wads.

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Providing a "Policy and Proceedure" Document Is Sufficient

by carbonhero In reply to Should users clean their ...

IT staff should concentrate on maintenance, service and support and not on "housekeeping" issues. Provide the necessary cleaning supplies and document(s) which illustrates and explains the importance of proper and regular cleaning(ie Although improper cleaning can damage equipment, most employees own personal computers, etc. and are somewhat familiar with the correct cleaning proceedures.

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