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Should we replace the CD

By TheChas ·
In a recent, sometimes heated discussion, it was clear that the 3 1/2" floppy drive has a firm position in most users networks.

Now, I have come across an article proposing that CD's should get the same treatment.,3973,**0056,00.asp

(remove the space between the 5 and 6)


So, is it time for the PC industry to create a new portable storage format?

If so, should it be an electronic media such as Flash Memory?Or, do we still need a 'disposable' media for data storage and transfer?


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To get the ball rolling.

by jardinier In reply to Should we replace the CD

Some time ago I came across a Macintosh device which uses a 307 MB 5 1/4 in rewritable optical disc.

I think this device well preceded the R/W CD, and was probably concurrent with the 100 MB Zip Drive.

I picked up the gadget plus 3 x 307 MB discs for a total of $10 at a church fete.

Have you heard of it? Is it a medium that might still be viable?

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No more rainbow colors ...

by Thamer In reply to Should we replace the CD

Driving demands and development for new portable storage devices are based on the need for more storage space to accomodate the grow on today's "e-lifestyle." (Sharing digital music, images, video and information files or backing up large HD storagecapcity)

... The CD with its current storage capacity ... forget it!

Moreover, there are many portable products in the market today that can meet user's high storage capacity requirements and sharing purposes .

To name few ...
CompactStor by RITEK Group ... Storage capacity up to 1.1GB,

Peerless by Iomega ... Storage Capacity up to 20 GB

USB 2.0 HDD by Anypak ... Storage Capacity up to 60 GB

Trek 2000 and JM Tek each demonstrated tiny (about the size of a disposable lighter) solid-state "drives" in capacities ranging from 8MB all the way up to 1GB.


Who knows what the future technology will make available/introduce in this regards ... Johnny Mnemonic (the movie), for instance, ... gave the idea of loading electronics data straight into the brain ...


... no wonder this movie proved to be a critical and commercial failure.

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unfortunately ,disposable media

by admin In reply to Should we replace the CD

is part of our disposable culture. it is not just a pc driven issue. it is a manufacturing and marketing issue. the video industry is trying to perfect even MORE easily disposed of media, aol doesn't want you re-recording over their proggy, the recording industry does not want to rent you songs by the week etc. etc. etc.

Sure, we need bigger media, and I wish we were headed in a less disposable direction (heck, I even take shopping bags with me TO the store...) but I don't see it anytime soon. We'll just move to bigger and bigger versions of cd's... dvd's for instance, which will soon be layered deeper etc. and keep holding more.

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Around for sometime yet

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Should we replace the CD

Like the floppy the CD has its role to play in low quantity storage and program transfer. It will be with use for sometime yet. Sure larger storage systems are available and will take over the commercial market, but the home user will stay with the lower lever stuff for sometime simply due to costs. Also games and applications will stay with the CD for distribution for sometime to come.

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Flash Media May Be The Way

by larryny1 In reply to Should we replace the CD

I think the CD is still very useful. I just built a PC with CD-ROM Burner, DVD-ROM, and a Flash Media Reader, but no 3.5 floppy. I hear that DVD will replace the CD, but until music comes exclusively on DVD I won't get rid of my CD-ROM Burner. 700 MB is more then enough space for me.

BTW: I think Flash Media may replace both CD & DVD.
just my $.02


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