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Should Windows have

By The Scummy One ·
a desktop icon called "I Am Too Stupid to Understand This!"

I swear, some of the questions here AND some of the trouble calls I get AND some of the off-work calls that I get make me think YES.

MS programmers need to add the all encompassing "I am too stupid" icon on the desktop, that can bring up the help files and make recommendations about objects clicked on.
Like, for example, Click the too stupid icon and then click on "My Documents, and it tells what the my documents does, and how to use it step by step.
click on too stupid icon and then click on the HELP button in an MS app and it explains What the HELP means and how to use it
click the too stupid icon when installing something and it asks a question (like click OK or CANCEL), and it will say something like If you want to install it, choose OK, if not choose CANCEL you friggin IDIOT!
Or -- ok, I'll just leave it at those for now. All three were good examples

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Should Windows have

click on too stupid icon and then click on the HELP button in an MS app and it explains What the HELP means and how to use it

That would be my pick.

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Oh, that's a yes. <nt>

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to :D :D :D
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Most Defiantly

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Should Windows have

But of course the Help Desk or the Scummy One would still get calls asking how to turn it on to get to the I'm too stupid button.

It needs a lot more that what was listed here as they don't go anywhere near far enough. I would suggest a I'm Too Stupid Hand held device explaining how to plug in turn on and get to the I'm Too Stupid Icon. Those could also cover power outages or unplugged systems. You know very complex things like Plug it in and turn on the switch and when the lights don't work and no other electrical device works the computer is very unlikely to either type directions.

Or the really important ones NB Batteries go flat when you don't plug in the Mains Adapter and then the NB Stops working.

But no matter how simple you make things the End User will still find ways to muck up the system or just fail to understand how it works. :_|

I had one person who scanned in Medical Reports for a Doctor and after 5 years she suddenly decided that the unit was no longer working because after scanning in the reports they didn't appear in the Patient Records. Apparently she failed to understand that the Quack had to read the reports and forward them onto the revel ant Persons Records for some reason unknown to anyone but her she thought that once she scanned them in they just magically went straight to the Patient Records without any other intervention.


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Most Defiantly???

by The Scummy One In reply to Most Defiantly

So it should have it but after much restraint and against better judgement???

<img src="" border="0" alt="I Can Spell"></a>

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by Jaqui In reply to Should Windows have

and click the icon then the start menu and it goes and installs ubuntu, the distro that crashes at 1400 fonts.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to yup

'buntu crashes at 1400 fonts? Just having 1400 installed, or trying to use all 1400 at the same time?

Please detail your testing!

I have PowerPoint students who muck up their Final Presentation something fierce by using way too many different fonts in a presentation. You tickled my funny bone. Thanks.

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Power corrupts;

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Really?

absolute PowerPoint corrupts absolutely.

The most dangerous thing in the Army is a 2nd Lieutenant with a map and a compass. The second most dangerous thing is a staff officer with PowerPoint and a projector.

PowerPoint is the most misused application in the history of desktop computing.

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not my testing

by Jaqui In reply to Really?

my neighbor installed 1400 fonts and had to reboot, and that stpped him from being able to login.. to many ofnts. had to uninstall them to be able to get back up and running.

14633 fonts available to him, and Ubuntu won't let him install them. ]:)
Mandriva will let me install them all. ]:)
[ yes, he only installed 10% and crashed ubuntu ]

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Am I reading you right?

by OnTheRopes In reply to not my testing

Do you have 14633 fonts on one of your computers?

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by Jaqui In reply to Am I reading you right?

I have a folder on one of my systems with 14633 fonts in it.

on that same computer I have 16,187 fonts installed.

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